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“The Wise Yogi will direct his Kundalini in order to unite it with its Master, who is in the Place of complete Freedom, in the pure lotus found at the top of the head. When Kundalini rises, all things are absorbed by HER.”

Shatchakra Nirupana

Most esoteric traditions talk about a huge power, inherent in every human being. This power is called in Tantra “the inner woman” or KUNDALINI SHAKTI.

It is like a dangerous, coiled snake situated at the base of the spine. This extraordinary force, latent in every man, can act constructively or destructively.

KUNDALINI might be interpreted both physically and metaphysically. The root KUNDA means “basin” or “source”. From this point of view, kundalini means a mixture of primordial elements of the earth. From a worldly, mundane point of view KUNDALINI appears regularly and produces real disasters once in a while as earthquakes and eruptions of volcanoes.

As far as “individual” kundalini is concerned, it is situated in the sexual region and represents a sort of “inner, hidden fire” with a huge potential. This KUNDALINI SHAKTI is, in fact, the sexual force itself that may enslave or free you from the limited human condition.

As a latent power, necessary for spiritual progress, kundalini is usually revealed to those who attempt to understand the mysteries of sexuality.

Tantra presents different methods of “waking up” and driving the kundalini energy upwards. According to Gheranda Samhita “The Great Goddess Kundalini, who is the primordial energy of the Self, itself, is sleeping in the sexual region. It has the shape of a snake coiled three and a half times.

Tantra Magazine
As long as it remains asleep, the individual spirit (jiva) will be limited in its actions, and true knowledge will not get to the man. But just like the right key may unlock the proper door, HATHAYOGA can unlock Kundalini’s door and let the self experience, the union with Brahma, reach its final state.”

The same text explains the way to wake and control the infinite power of Kundalini by using breath retention, focus and mental repetition of certain sounds (MANTRAS) or by using certain body positions (ASANAS):

“Take a comfortable position and breathe in deeply, visualizing PRANA (the energy of life) coming together with APANA (descending energy). Contract your rectum (exercising the contraction of the anal sphincters) and visualize the vital breath coming into the Great Central Channel, a little upwards from base of the spine. By holding the breath kundalini starts to tremble and to feel suffocated.

Then, wake the Kundalini Goddess by repeating mentally the sound-seed “hum”. Say “SOHAM” (“I am THAT”) while you imagine that you are overwhelmed by Shakti and in close union with Shiva. Raise the Kundalini energy from the inferior zone and contemplate the union between the pure Spirit of Shiva with Shakti, the primordial energy.”

Yogis spend a lot of time preparing for the awakening of Kundalini. It requires great mental force, a balanced and harmonious body and full consciousness of the ascendant motion produced by this amazing sexual energy.

Tantra Magazine

Because the physical welfare of the body is connected directly to food and mental attitude, these factors would have to be the preparative foundation of Kundalini’s awakening. Each stage of preparation is simple enough for anyone who wants to follow it. Once the principles are understood, only desire and action are necessary.

Sexual contact makes it possible to stimulate and wake up Kundalini Shakti. Sometimes the couple experiences this cosmic force spontaneously by naturally converging the vital energies during intercourse.

Long-term physical effort, especially during lovemaking practiced with sexual continence, can be used to awaken Kundalini. Deep breaths, the motion of the genital-region, sighs and other specific sounds made during intercourse (like “Hmm”, “Ahhh”, and “Uhhh”) all represent factors that play an important role in stimulating this so called “Serpent” Power.

The experience of waking up and raising Kundalini is unmistakable. You can feel it as an inner thrill, as a “liquid fire”, hot and cold at the same time, almost like electricity, which lights up one’s being, setting free and sometimes even stopping the breathing process.

Sometimes it can be a frightening experience, but if you have the proper mental attitude, then it will be easy for you to channel this huge energy positively.

If Kundalini is awakened and raised through a spontaneous sexual act, filled with frenzy and love, then the couple will have the opportunity to experience things that ordinary human beings can’t even imagine.

Tantra Magazine
For the couple who follows the Tantric path, Kundalini is the corner stone that can help them reach ecstasy and final spiritual liberation. Its power turns all biological instincts into aspiration in order to obtain transcendence.

Visualize Kundalini in yourself as well as in your lover. Drive it carefully and lovingly upwards through your body. Open it up away from the sexual zone to the top of your head and fill your heart with the energy of Shiva and Shakti. Imagine that you are rising up through the air, higher and higher, and freeing yourself from all attachments and duality.

“When the goddess Kundalini, who is asleep, is awakened because of a spiritual master, all the lotuses and all the attachments are penetrated by an irresistible force. Be wise and gain control over the goddess Kundalini in a firm way, because She is the one who grants miraculous powers.”

Shiva Samhita