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The classical Hindu texts divide the women into four types, according to the predominant type of the energy manifested in a woman: earth, water, fire, and air.

This tradition was maintained all through the tantric period, and there are traces of similar classification systems in the Taoism as well. There is a chance of misinterpreting the facts when taking them out of the context.

One may interpret esoteric ideas either literally, or allegorically. Nonetheless, Tantra underlines the fact that the four types of women may represent archetypes co-existing both on the physical level, and on the psychical, subtle level.

These four basic types are:
1. The lotus woman (the predominating chakra is Anahata Chakra): also named Padmini, she is said to have been created in the world of the gods.

Her face is beautiful; her body is soft, with golden, silky and delicate skin, bright eyes, great breasts, and three lines under the umbilical area. She walks like a swan, has a low, melodious voice and likes to wear fine clothes. Her YONI smells like a fresh lily and she likes to make love mostly during the day.

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2. The art woman (the predominating chakra is Manipura Chakra): also named Chitrini , she is said to come from the heavenly realm and is extremely beautiful.

Her body is strong, medium-sized, and delicate at the same time, thin waist, impressive breasts and buttocks, and dark skin.

Her pubic hair is rare and soft; her YONI is a little prominent. Her voice is nice, and she rocks her hips as she walks. This woman’s YONI emanates a perfume resembling to honey, and most often her sexual secretions taste sweet.

She is highly dedicated to all erotic and refined pleasures, and is usually expert in the 64 arts. She likes to make love especially at nighttime and loves animals spontaneously.

3. The shell woman (the predominating chakra is Swadhisthana Chakra): also named Shankini, comes from the realm of people, her skin is most often white, she is warm, well-build, with big and very big breasts and firm waist.

Her head, hands, and feet are usually larger and her voice is often hoarse. She is moody, changing, and violent, subject to attacks of passion, which twist her head and do not last.

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She likes very much red flowers, clothes, and jewels. She is mean and she likes to complain about other people’s mistakes. She seduces in order to receive love, but her affections lack depth.

Her yoni is almost always moist and she tastes salty. Often her yoni is covered with bushy hair. She likes to make love especially at night.

4. The elephant woman (the predominating chakra is Muladhara Chakra): also named Hastini is said to come from the elemental realm.

She is usually small, robust, and walks slowly, with her neck bent. Her skin is rarely soft, and sallowish-white in color. Her lips are thick and her appetite is very healthy, as she enjoys to eat often and much.

Her voice is hoarse and strangled. Usually, it is very difficult to satisfy her if you do not practice sexual continence . She likes making love vigorously and for a long time.

The secretions of her yoni are spicy and emanate a smell resembling to musk or to that of an elephant in heat. She likes to make love at any time, regardless of circumstances.

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These four types of women have formed according to their experiences in their previous lives. The secret traditional yogic texts say that sooner or later, people become what they are prepared to assimilate at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

With the help of a proper diet, a healthy way of life, a beautiful relationship, based on sexual continence, and a firm spiritual orientation the lotus flower (Padmini) may blossom in every woman.

“The central part of a woman has four distinct qualities: first, it resembles the extremity of an elephant’s back. Second, it is twisted like the windings of a shell. Thirdly, it is closed by something soft, and fourthly, it closes and opens like a lotus flower.”