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As a man, you need to arouse the woman you love to a great degree before starting intercourse. For this, foreplay has a great role in stimulating and amplifying a woman’s energy, preparing her for uniting with you.
In order to be able to listen the celestial music with your lover, you have to learn how to tune in to your lover’s sensations and feeling s in order to be in harmony with your own.
The traditional writings mention nine signs that let you know when a woman is prepared for the sexual act. A woman’s energy goes through nine stages until she fully prepared to receive a man.

“The Mystery Lady”, a sexual consultant of the Yellow Emperor of China described these stages in the following manner:
1. CHI is in her lungs when her breath is fast.
2. When the woman kisses the man tenderly, her energy is in her heart.

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3. She embraces the man: her energy is now in the spleen.
4. Her vagina is moist: her energy is now in the sexual organs and kidneys.
5. She moves her pelvis and bites the man gently: her energy is in her bones.
6. Her feet surround the man: her energy is in her muscles.
7. She caresses the man’s penis: the energy has reached her blood.
8. She kisses the man with great passion: the energy has reached the flesh and the skin.
9. She abandons herself and moans: she is now ready to receive the man.
A woman may be happy after one erotic act or she may be unhappy after 15 if she does not perceive the erotic harmony. The important thing is to love her deeply and tenderly, and to give her the best in you.

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The ancient Taoists consider the kiss as an indispensable element of the erotic intimate union. Any area of your lover’s body is worth kissing, but the most effective areas are the lips, the breasts, the thighs and the sexual organs.
While kissing a woman, a man may perceive the absorption of the polarizing, subtle Yin elements present in the subtle structure of the woman.
Also, the woman has to perceive the subtle fluids of the Yang force manifested through her lover.

We collected some useful advice for those who want to engage in the Taoist erotic art:

1. During intercourse, as well as during foreplay, caress each other all the time, in different ways. Continue the caresses after intercourse is over, until you perceive a state of calm taking over the euphoria from before.
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2. The most important erogenous areas of a woman are the clitoris and the breasts. However, do not rush to touch them! First caress the hands and embrace her tenderly.
A woman also has also other sensitive erogenous areas: the ears, the back of the neck, the waist and the abdomen. Another area is the inner side of the buttocks and one of the most intense and refined erotic pleasures is the repeated contact between a woman’s abdomen and that of a man.