by Dinu Roman

For the western mind, the language of yoga and other spiritual paths is very difficult to decipher: the symbols and metaphors are a jungle where the uninitiated and even some of the initiated ones are lost.

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The hidden key that opens all these secrets and lost meanings is called Resonance. Resonance is very easy to understand even for the western mind, because it is centered on the scientific approach towards reality.

In the light of Resonance, all metaphors and symbols immediately start to make sense, becoming at the same time a door towards invisible realities.

The Law of Resonance has a relational character, i.e. it expresses the way in which two or more apparently different things or phenomena selectively communicate (are linked), being integrated into a united Whole.

The links which unite all things in the Universe (physical objects, mental processes, psychic phenomena, spiritual levels, in other words everything that is manifested) have as basis, the process of Resonance.

The fundamental secret of any real yoga practice is to create and maintain a process of resonance, in other words, a process of initiating and amplifying a vibratory response (a link) in what we can call a receiving system that is attuned to an emitting system.

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It is very important to understand that resonance starts only when the frequency of the two systems (the receiving and the emitting) are very close or identical.

In yoga, the process of resonance is created and maintained mainly by permanently focusing ones attention (effortless mental concentration).

During resonance, the cosmic frequencies (vibratory energies) that are continually emitted as cosmic waves by interstellar centers, galaxies or planets can be received by the correspondent foci of a human’s subtle body in the same way that a radio set can be tuned to different radio frequencies.

During resonance, a transfer of subtle energy takes place, from the emitting source to the receiver. The received energy brings with it all the characteristics of the source, on multiple levels (physical patterns, specific types of energy, feelings, inner states, information, ideas, etc).

What does yoga have to do with resonance? Here’s what: all yoga techniques (asanas, pranayama, meditation, etc.) are accurate ways to create a certain resonance with certain cosmic energies that are specific to the technique being used.

The type of energy that a certain technique resonates with is revealed by a guru when he performs a certain initiation for that technique (only one who knows that information through direct experience is a true guru!).

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In other words, through the practice of a certain asana, for example, the yogi creates a link between his own micro cosmos, vibrating now with a certain energy (corresponding to that asana), and the macro cosmic source of that energy (or the cosmic correspondent of that asana).

Through this link (or resonance), the energy from the cosmic source is ‘poured’ into the practitioner’s micro cosmos. The more that asana is effortlessly maintained with the use of mental concentration, the more that type of energy is accumulated into his or her being.

This is the reason all truly advanced yogi-s maintain asanas, or meditate, or do pranayama, etc., for hours at a time (which is NOT recommended for beginners!).

Therefore, yoga puts at our disposal, not only an instrument for self knowledge, but also a large spectrum of tools to develop those areas of our being that are less developed, so that we become whole, complete beings.

Within the light of the Law of Resonance and due to their similarity, the phenomena, ideas, feelings, objects, energies, etc., are in agreement (consonance), vibrate in unison (identify with) and evoke (or summon) each other selectively through action at a distance.

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In classical physics, resonance is well known in mechanics, acoustics and electromagnetism. This phenomenon actually characterizes the entire manifested Universe.

The basis of the existence of resonance is the energetic and vibratory substratum of the Universe. Therefore, the first step in deeply understanding resonance is to ponder the fact that all physical, mental and spiritual phenomena are rooted into a Unique Eternal Reality, as a result of, and developing from that reality.