Some girls simply wipe the cream off the cake! They have everything any of the rest would like – friends, boyfriends, money, and career.

How do they do that?

It is simple: unleash the hidden energy from within!
It is so simple…

The “rich and the famous” which many other people look upon with yearning, did not necessarily reached this position because of pure luck. They have used their subconscious powers in order to obtain the things they wanted. Thus, with the invaluable help provided by the subconscious (and wisdom), through the creative visualization, they were able to be and have what they desire.

It is not a big deal. Moreover, an ancient art teaches any of us to use our own psychic energy in order to make one’s dreams come true.

The starting point is quite simple: if you can imagine clearly your goal, then you are already half way there. The chances to make it happen are all yours, if you only know how to focus correctly.


First, you have to determine which is the object of your desire. Note that focusing on more “earthly” goals will enable you to lead a better life faster. During the days to come, take the time to examine your interests: love, happiness, career – or their absence. Take a piece of paper, divide it in two, then put down on one side the things you like about the way your life is, and on the other the things you detest the most.

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Then, choose one of the elements of discomfort and analyze it. Hate your job? Start looking for another. Do you have sentimental problems? Try solving them one at the time.
The important thing at this stage is to set your priorities, after which you may engage in the actual pursuit of your happiness!

Now you have to find the motivation that will keep you fighting for your goal. If necessary, cut pictures from magazines, paintings, ideas, anything that will remind you of your goal and your motivation to fulfill it. The one compulsory element, however, is a picture of you placed so as you see it clearly.


What we mean is more than talking, nonetheless! By this kind of talking, we mean positive statements – a new discursive method that will allow you to verbalize the goal you aim.
Use simple, affirmative sentences, and remember the four P-s: Present, Personal, Plausible, and Positive.

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One of the greatest mistakes is to say instead of I CAN “I think I can”. Another is to use negations in the statements you prepare for yourself. Instead of “I will never meet any jerks” simply say: “I will meet special men from this day on”. The purpose of such statements is up to you.

You may use them in order to obtain a well-proportioned body, to enjoy a state of perpetual happiness, or get a strong mind. You may repeat them in front of the mirror every morning, ten times, or write them down while you focus on the aim you have in mind. Alternatively, you may tape-record these self-suggestions and listen while driving to work. Any method is good, as long as you feel it is suited for you.


This meditative technique will induce a state of profound peace in you and will make you radiant.

Find a quiet place, turn off the lights, and lie back. Focus on the feet and relax every muscle. Continue this relaxation gradually, muscle by muscle, until you reach the head. Now, after you have relaxed your body, visualize rays of light entering through your feet, going up your body, until they reach the crown of your head. You radiate a serene and calm light now, through all your body. When you perceive a floating-like feeling, bring to your mental eye your purpose.

Visualize it as clearly as possible. If you want a new, successful job, for instance, picture yourself presenting a rapport, with great confidence. If you wish to become a more sensuous woman, pictures yourself acting in situations that will help you reach your purpose.


Before accepting a new system of values, one must get rid of the past emotional “luggage”. Make up another list, including “I could have…I should have…I wished I…” put down all things which make your life unhappy. Take a deep breath, tear the list, and then burn it. Consider it dead and buried – it is time to make up with friends and enemies, past or present love affairs, family, etc.

Forgive all, regardless of your past suffering and if the case, ask for forgiveness. This is a method for any moment in which you may feel the thorns of intolerance and fury trying to get inside your soul.


Do you work too much? Do you have too little fun? Remember the wisdom of the ancient, and stop form time to time from whatever is that you are doing. Admire your work. You may even keep a diary dedicated to the purpose you are trying to accomplish. Note every step in the right direction, in any way that increases your motivation and enthusiasm.

Whenever you feel down, skim over your diary and get a fresh mouth of optimism.

And remember the rewards! You should have weekly, monthly or crisis rewards, which you may enjoy after passing through more difficult moments. Feel free to be proud of your progress, and prepare yourself for even brighter days!