literally meaning WHEEL, CIRCLE. This term designates the secret centers of power which are traversed by the subtle energy, Prana. When the fundamental energy of the human being, KUNDALINI, awakens, it passes through all the seven principal force centers. Even tough the CHAKRAS have influence over the endocrine glands and some organs it is good not to confuse them with any physical organs because they belong to a higher level of phenomenal reality. The CHAKRAS are focus points on interpenetration between the physical, psychic, mental and causal bodies. There are 7 most important CHAKRAS and they are located along the spine up to the top of the head. 1. MULADHARA CHAKRA – at the base of the spine – the home of the terrible KUNDALINI energy, and associated to the element of earth. 2. SWADISTHANA CHAKRA – located in the spine at the level of the sexual organs – is related to the element of water and to the functions or sexuality, integration into the society, imagination, creation, and passion. 3. MANIPURA CHAKRA – located in the spine at the level of the solar plexus and corresponds to the element of fire. It’s function is related to the gastric liquids, the power of will, and qualities of leadership. 4. ANAHATA CHAKRA – located in the spine at heart level and governs over the element of air. This CHAKRA manifests the energy of love and affection. This center is also related to the manifestation of the soul and to the power of empathy. 5. VISHUDDHA CHAKRA – the center at the base of the neck. This CHAKRA governs over the element of ether(space) and is related to the energies of purity and spiritual intuition. This center is also responsible for the possibility of projection in time, in the future and in the past and to all the manifestations of sound. 6. AJNA CHAKRA – located in the middle of the forehead. Also known as “the third eye” this center is they key to clairvoyance and perfect mind control. It is the center that governs over all the other, with the exception of the seventh : 7. SAHASRARA – situated in the subtle plane, above the head, in the region of the top of the head. It has “1000” petals and is the gateway between the human being and the Absolute. This center is superior to all the other six CHAKRAS and is considered to be the projection of SIVA, the Supreme Being, in the human body.