literally meaning “woven together”. The central theme of TANTRA is SHAKTI who, under the form of a goddess, is the incarnation of the feminine aspects of every divinity. This feminine energy is also known as the counterpart or wife of SHIVA. SHAKTI often adopts beneficial forms helping the adepts attain perfect union with Absolute. Any TANTRA contains five themes : 1. the creation of the world.2. the destruction or dissolution of the world3. the ways one can intensely worship GOD in all his feminine and masculine aspects, or, in other words, the ineffable fusion with one of the countless masculine and feminine divinities.4. the obtaining of the paranormal powers (SIDDHI).5. various ways and methods to achieve an intimate and ineffable fusion with the Supreme Being, in meditation.Many times TANTRA YOGA is synonymous to KUNDALINI YOGA. The tantric treaties are generally presented under the form of a dialog between SHIVA and SHAKTI. They present ways to accelerate the spiritual progress and the to attain the divine perfection by the awakening and perfect control of the cosmic energy – KUNDALINI SHAKTI – which is asleep at the base of the spine, in MULADHARA CKAKRA. The so called “right hand Tantra” contains a vast series of physical and mental techniques that have very positive effects over the health and well being, the control of energies, the profound harmonization of emotions, the discipline and focalization of the mind. It also uses sacred geometry (YANTRA) and sacred words (MANTRA) which are tools for entering in a process of RESONANCE with the beneficial forces of the MACROCOSM.In the “Left Hand” Tantric practice the SEXUAL CONTINENCE allows for the TRANSMUTATION and SUBLIMATION of the huge sexual potential, producing a rapid and beneficial transformation of the human being. All these processes can be achieved either by being sexually abstinent in conjunction with the HATHA YOGA techniques or by being SEXUALLY CONTINENT, and over time, they produce a gradual elevation of the consciousness until it reaches the state of ANANDA (supreme ecstasy, bliss). Contrary to the aberrations proliferated by the malevolent, TANTRA is life lived with intensity, in a superior way.