The consort of Shiva; she is his life-giving force, the dynamic energy of creation. Shakti is the expression of ETERNAL FEMININE or the GODDESS. She is very much venerated in the East under many of her aspects, such as KUNDALINI – the fundamenta energy of the human being. SHAKTI is the primordial energy, the source of the universe. In the human being it’s most pregnant manifestation is the sexual energy. The sacred texts mention that the grace of SHAKTI, that is the accumulation of subtle energy by TRANSMUTATION and SUBLIMATION is a sine-qua-non condition for the realisation of the Absolute – fusion with God. The accumulation of energy (SHAKTI) is also possible thanks to the phenomennon of RESONANCE between the MICROCOSM (the seven CHAKRAS) and the MACROCOSM. SHAKTI is inside the MICROCOSM (the human being) and at the same time SHE IS THE MACROCOSM – the whole universe. SHAKTI is our only link to the Supreme Being. Many religions describe countless god-like creatures (angels, devata) which represent all the facets of the amazing force – SHAKTI – who is actually the dynamic aspect of God.