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Brahmacharya means, “restraint, control over all senses and especially over the sexual energy.”
This control involves transmutation of the sexual potential (sperm in man’s case and sexual fluids in woman’s case) into erotic energy and leading this energy to the superior levels of the being.

The control over the sexual energy has to be done both when you have renounced definitely or even temporary at your sexual activity and when you have an intense sexual activity (practiced with sexual continence).

Brahmacharyasana is a position that aids the transmutation of the sexual potential into energy leading it to the superior levels of your being. This position also involves the power of focusing and stimulates the mental control. It allows us to easily reach a state of mental focus doubled by a lucid attention.

The starting position is on your knees.

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Spread your feet as much as possible; keep your knees together so that your shanks form a “V”.

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Lower your pelvis and put it on the ground. Your bottom and your anus should touch the ground. Your feet face up and do not touch the pelvis.

Straighten your back and attain a normal vertical position of your head and your backbone.

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Put your palms on your knees and spread your arms without contracting them.

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It is very important that the perineum should be in contact with the ground. The resulted pressure in this area (because of this position) makes it possible for your sexual potential to be turned into energy and to be conducted through SHIVANI NADI (SHIVANI NADI is a subtle energetic channel from the perineum area through which the sexual energy goes. In man’s case it follows the urethra, scrotum and a line beneath the penis and in woman’s case it follows the urethra till the clitoris zone).

Focus to perceive the ascension and sublimation of your inner energies from the genitals area towards your head area, passing through SHIVANI NADI. At the same time you also perceive the stimulation of the mental plane (Anja Chakra), and the increasing of the power of the mind. You also notice the expansion of your conscience and the amplifying of your spiritual lucidity.

Be careful so that your soles don’t touch your pelvis and your knees are not apart from one another. Also be careful that your backbone is not curved. Your head should be in equilibrium with your backbone.


  • It increases the capacity of controll over your sexual potential and produces the elevation of your sexual experiences.
  • Nocturnal pollution and early ejaculation can be ameliorated and even completely eliminated by execution for 10 – 15 minutes before going to bed.
  • It considerably increases your virility and gives you a certain mental focus.
  • It increases the mental control over your pelvis. Later on, the ones who will do the contractions of this area (the KEGEL exercises) will find it a lot easier to do.
  • This position helps a lot more blood go through your legs and it will automatically lead to an increased amount of blood in your abdomen.
  • It eliminates the gout, unwanted knee pain, and calcium depositions; it also gradually eliminates the flat-foot.
  • It stimulates digestion by the amplification of the abdominal energies.