the movement of subtle energies inside the human body, accompanied by the modification of their specific vibration frequencies as they traverse the levels of the human being, causing on each level specific effects which are clearly perceivable. SUBLIMATION designates ample phenomenons throughout the whole body, apparently not related to sexuality, but originating in the huge energy released by the TRANSMUTATION of sexual fluids. Depending on the plan we focus on, by SUBLIMATION, the sexual energy is transformed into non-sexual energy, such as vital, psychic, mental or spiritual.We can consider an analogy of the TRANSMUTATION and SUBLIMATION to a hydroelectric power plant. The conversion of the continuous fall of water into electric energy is analogous to the TRANSMUTATION process, and the transport the electric current to the place where it will be put to use is analogous to the process of SUBLIMATION. The reason for which in TANTRA the ejaculation and the explosive discharge are avoided is clear now : by analogy, it the dam was empty, the power plant would no longer be generating electricity and the consumer devices (TVs, light bulbs, etc) would immediately cease to function.By practicing SEXUAL CONTINENCE we continuously redirect all the sexual potential to a higher purpose. As a general condition, we need to be CONSCIOUS of the sexual energy and the resulted energy, otherwise SUBLIMATION is not possible. The thought is the most powerful force in the universe, and it is also the driving force of SUBLIMATION. If we TRANSFIGURATE ourselves and our lover, in the sexual union, the process of SUBLIMATION is immediately and effortlessly initiated. Ultimately if we have a clear, focused mind and a sublime, transfiguratory perspective, almost all the time, we get to enjoy to wonderful treasures unleashed by TRANSMUTATION and SUBLIMATION.