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Kali (as supreme Shakti) assumes the responsibility of creating her names, as well as their evolution.

Kali is also known under the name ADIMAHAVIDYA, the first of the Great Cosmic Wisdoms, but this should not mislead us as it does not imply any hierarchy, but rather the idea of order in cosmic evolution.

Kali is also named ADYASHAKTI, for her energy and her terrible Cosmic Wisdom which impels humankind towards action and the universe towards manifestation.

Kali’s representation reveals her naked. This is not a trivial manner of representing a deity, but instead this representation demonstrates her transcendence of all limitations.

Her action in the manifested world simultaneously implies the destroying and purifying actions of time (Kala). This aspect is suggested by the human head she holds in one of her hands.

However, as the yogi becomes more and more concerned with spiritual aspects and firmly oriented towards obtaining spiritual freedom at all costs, he or she will be blessed with Kali’s overwhelming grace.

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One of the most important hypostasis in which one can worship Kali is as the goddess Durga, the one who defeated the demon Mahishashura. In Hindu spirituality this demon represents the forces of darkness.

The Vedantic philosophy presents these conceptions, according to which there are Divine Embodiments (avatars) who come on earth in order to aid mankind in undergoing a deep spiritual transformation.

For the worshipper of God in the aspect of the Divine Mother, Durga is the only hypostasis that destroys the evil of the world in its numerous demonic and satanic aspects.

Thus, Hindu mythology describes how the goddess vanquished the demons and their king, Mahishashura, saving the gods from captivity and again setting up the divine order in the universe.

The spiritual significance of this myth is that each human being has inside of them both good and bad and these energies constantly fight for supremacy.

Durga, embodiment of the goddess Kali, grants her support and help to those who ask for it and worship her, so that spiritual forces develop and gain supremacy over darkness and over negative psychic and mental influences.

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Durga is thus the Divine Light who destroys and burns any malefic forces and any leftovers of ignorance in a terrible fire of her pure consciousness.

The sadhana or spiritual practice recommended for worshipping the Great Cosmic Wisdom Kali involves purifying and activating the centers of force, so that the fundamental energy Kundalini ascends from Muladhara chakra to Sahasrara.

The ascension of Kundalini represents one of the characteristic and most important aspects of worshipping the Great Cosmic Wisdom’s and is correlated with the practice of sexual continence, according to the principles of the Tantric doctrine.

The mysterious influence of Kali is so complex and hidden that only a few pure souls may see the real significance of her actions.

We meet a frequent representation of Kali as the Cosmic Mother, surrounded by a great number of different gods and goddesses. Lacking any dimensions or spatial-temporal limits, she takes on different forms and names in order to meet her worshiper’s most secret desires.

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In certain situations Kali embarks into action to destroy that which is perverted, weak, or useless. Thus, we may see her representation as having four or more arms, in which she holds different objects that are helpful in restoring or preserving the divine order of the universe.

In her most elevated aspects Kali is Divine Bliss itself, that which is beyond ordinary human perception and is the nature and consciousness of Divine Brahman himself.

Consequently, there are two ways of worshipping her: as a great Goddess bestowing her grace and blessings upon all those who deserve it, and as a holy energy (Shakti) who grants spiritual freedom ( Kaivalya ).