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As a force or terrible power of the great god Indra, Chinnamasta represents the electrifying energy of our subconscious depths (Vidyut Shakti ), an energy that acts on all levels of creation.

In the physical world, electric energy, electricity, represents only one of the forms of this colossal transforming power that is Chinnamasta.

On a mental level, she acts as energy determining the correct understanding of essential reality, also granting instantaneous spiritual enlightenment.

As we mentioned in our previous articles, Kali generally acts to spiritually transform the devotee.

The Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta represents the same force, which is nonetheless directed towards the immediate, “lightning quick” transformation of the yogi.

Consequently, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta is in a way the bright lightning of instantaneous spiritual intuition that destroys and casts away for good the veil of ignorance, opening up the path towards supreme spiritual freedom.

This attribute that the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta manifests as a distinctive note of her terrible “divine personality” represents the capacity of direct perception, pure vision that goes beyond any veil of ignorance and limited perception revealing the uniqueness of the infinite divine consciousness that is beyond name and form.

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Consequently, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta is the colossal power of the inner spiritual vision, which sacrifices all objects belonging to the manifested world in the fire of pure knowledge, including the body of the person performing this act of perfect knowledge.

Therefore, in the tradition of Hindu spirituality, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta represents Atma-yajna , meaning self-sacrifice, manifested when someone offers one’s own being with great honesty to the Divine, through an act called “the sacrifice of the mind”, in order to live fully in unity with the divine consciousness.

This fundamental characteristic of the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta also represents, through extrapolation, the very aspect of pralaya, the destruction or re-absorbtion of the world and the entire creation in the Holy Heart of the Absolute.

Metaphorically speaking, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta is the head that chews on the entire body, representing the power of destruction and transformation of the manifested reality into the non-manifested, original reality.

In the yogic spiritual tradition it is said that the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta achieves this remarkable “transformation of state” through the piercing of the subtle blockage from the level of Ajna charka, allowing the yogi to simultaneously transcend his or her mind and body.

This characteristic action is at the same time a direct indication of the fact that the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta also represents the unobstructed flux of subtle energy circulating through Sushumna Nadi, the central energy channel of the human being.

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Thus, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta is associated with the awakening and ascension of the gigantic cosmic force Kundalini Shakti, through Sushumna Nadi, from the base of the spine, from Muladhara Chakra, up to Sahasrara Chakra representing in this hypostasis the Divine Path of the Vedic gods, or Vedayana.

This divine path refers to the movement and circulation of the subtle prana through Sushumna Nadi, towards the realm of “pure transcendence”, symbolized by the sun.

The yogic spiritual tradition asserts that in order to evolve spiritually and to avoid karmic accumulation, it is imperative that the yogi focuses his or her energy through Sushumna Nadi, because this nadi is correlated with the the reality of the transcendent void, which is formless.

This condition cannot be achieved unless the yogi obtains a pure and correct vision over the fundamental reality of things.

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