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The Great Cosmic Wisdom Bagalamukhi has the divine power to turn any aspect or action into its opposite.

For example, she turns speech into silence, knowledge into ignorance, power into lack of power, defeat into victory, etc.

Thus, she represents the divine wisdom which shows us that in time everything in manifestation transforms and eventually passes cyclically through the state that defines the opposite of that aspect at a certain moment.

The idea is that, being exactly at the point of the ecstatic void from between the two opposite states or conditions (from which they are generated in duality), Bagalamukhi confers the possibility to transcend the manifested state successfully so that we ecstatically submerge into the oceanic silence of the Ecstatic Creative Void.

Resonance with this Great Cosmic Wisdom is amplified when we are able to perceive in each situation we face the existence of opposite possibilities without being deceived by their sometimes tempting game.

For example, the ability to understand (where most of the people cannot) that the seeds of failure can be found in almost any success, that there is death in life, that in any joy there is a little bit of sadness, or that in anger lies the spark of complete calmness (like the eye of a hurricane), and so on. This represents and proves the ineffable state of resonance with the consciousness of the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bagalamukhi.

In other words, she is the mysterious existence of the opposite aspect in which everything dissolves and returns to the Un-manifested.

Texts from the Hindi tantric tradition assert that the “power” of Bagalamukhi in the human body is found in the soft area of the palate, that is, where IndraYoni is situated, the point from which the sense organs related to hearing, seeing, smell and taste are equally placed.

Generally, this soft area is related to the function of the third eye (Ajna Chakra); thus, Bagalamukhi just like Chinnamasta is associated to this subtle force center.

The spiritual Hindi tradition says that through a constant and firm focus on this soft palate the yogi can obtain complete control over his senses and over different kinds of subtle energies (prana).

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Bagalamukhi also has a deep connection with the manifestation of Anahata Chakra, being the essential place of pranic manifestation in the micro cosmos of the human being.

Besides, as it is known, the withdrawal or focus of the vital subtle energy (prana) on the level of the heart leads to its complete immobility, which endows the advanced yogi with total control over his existence, that is, over his life and death.

The Great Cosmic Wisdom Bagalamukhi is another terrible form of manifestation for the Supreme Goddess Shakti, counterpart of Shiva (the Father GOD).

In the tantric symbolism her color is yellow. Her garment and jewels are also yellow and she is adored with garlands of yellow flowers as well(especially chamaka flowers).

In her left hand she holds anyone who attacks her by his tongue and with her right hand she strikes his head with her scepter.

Bagalamukhi has as support a throne decorated with purple lotus flowers. Some old texts assert that the goddess wears a wonderful jewel in the form of half moon on her head.

The yellow color of the goddess (a color which is obtained using the powder of the turmeric plant root) symbolizes the nature of a radiant, bright and deeply purifying energy.

Besides, yellow also stands for the radiant power of spiritual knowledge which removes the darkness of ignorance. Thus, the yogi should wear yellow clothes when adoring this Great Cosmic Wisdom.

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In symbolic representations, the one who attacks Bagalamukhi (that is, her enemy, her opponent) is the limited and false ego of the human being.

Bagalamukhi grabs and pulls out his tongue, which is a symbol for the attachment to gossip, calumny, argument and any other negative aspects related to speech which, essentially, is the main manifestation of the mind.

Thus, it is good to know that when a human being indulges in those kinds of actions he/she will always have to face (sooner or later) the corrective and sometimes terrible retribution of Bagalamukhi.

A long time ago, the yogic sages asserted that the negative force of the ego manifests mainly through speech and, in order to control our thoughts perfectly and to improve our meditation, it is a must that we control our speech, which can be very easily done by adoring the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bagalamukhi.

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