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Sit in the pose you have chosen for the pranayama (be it Sukhasana, or Vajrasana, or another upright position you are comfortable in).

In the beginning breathe in and out several times, to ventilate the air that might have been stagnating in the respiratory tracts.

After several such ventilating breaths, exhale the air through the mouth, trying to empty your lungs. Maintain the retention of the breath with your lungs empty (known as apnea) for a while, but without forcing yourself.

Cover the right nostril with the right thumb, and inhale slowly, as gently as possible through the left nostril. It is very important not to make noise while inhaling.

Take in as much air as you can, as this will oxygenate your organism. Cover the left nostril with the ring and small right fingers and exhale slowly and gently through the right nostril, without making any noise.

Your breath should be calm, equal and slow, so that even if you have a small thread of water close to your nostril, it should not move.

After you have exhaled, inhale slowly, as indicated above, through the same (right) nostril and exhale through the left nostril.

This is one complete cycle of this pranayama technique. Breathe in a relaxed manner several times, before you are ready to perform another cycle.

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Focus: while inhaling, firmly visualize how you take in the pranic energy from the universe, filling your body with strength, purity, holiness, force, love, virtue, wisdom.

When exhaling, visualize how you eliminate the tensions, weaknesses, vices, impurities and stresses. You may even work mentally with the mantra AUM throughout the practice.

Perform 12 such cycles during one session, taking breaks after each cycle, four times a day in the morning, at noon, in the evening, and at midnight.

If the practice of pranayama is systematic and consistent, in a few months’ time you will notice a purification of all the nadis in the entire body, as well as mental purification and enhanced capacity for concentration.

Effects: this pranayama technique grants the purification of the nadis, body and mind, especially when practiced for several months in a row.

The external signs of this purification are: calm, tranquil force radiating from the whole of your personality, a clear mind and sweet voice.

The harshness of the face and rough lines disappear. This pranayama technique brings harmony to the mind and makes us capable of attempting superior pranayama techniques.

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Any person, man or woman may practice this technique with remarkable results, without being exposed to any risks (as long as it is practiced correctly).

The purity of the body and of the subtle structures facilitates the ascension of the erotic energies to the upper levels of consciousness. The main purpose in pranayama is to gain control over the inner vital forces and the mind.


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