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In Sanskrit, TALA means tree or palmer.

In the modern times, people do not pay sufficient attention to the way they stand. They either place most of their bodily weight on one foot only, or on the heels, or on the inner or outer side of the soles.

Owing to these incorrect ways of standing, the spine has to suffer, and there are different deformations that may affect the elasticity and correct position of the spine.

This asana helps us be aware of our bodily position and assume the correct one.


Stand on your feet, soles parallel.

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Rise your arms and stretch them, parallel, upwards.

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In the final pose, the whole body, arms, trunk, feet have to be as stretched as much as possible, relaxing the palms and fingers.

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Contract the anal muscles (this is called ASHWINI MUDRA) and maintain this contraction for the entire duration of this asana.
The breathing goes normally, without contracting the abdomen.

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During the practice of this asana, focus to perceive the subtle cosmic energies coming down through the arms. Try to distinguish clearly between the two polarities, Yin and Yang, and the focus of these energies in the area of Muladhara chakra, due to the practice of ASHWINI MUDRA.

After you finish this asana, try to perceive the biomagnetic energetic fields around the arms, and the sensation of an energetic sphere around the trunk, surpassing the contour of the physical body.


The physical body becomes well built and wonderfully proportioned; the healing magnetism of the palms is enhanced.

If this asana is practiced during adolescence, one may gain considerable height.

The practice of this asana is recommended to pregnant women, owing to its invigorating effects and to the fact that it brings extra energy to the practitioner.

Talasana is also beneficialial in cases of neuralgia and for those people who are hypersensitive to cold.