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The tantric tradition asserts that Matangi has Her subtle projection (in the micro cosmos of the human being) at the level of Vishuddha Chakra, which is the subtle plexus of speech.

She is also located at the level of the tip of tongue, where the articulate speech begins and where we can perceive the essential (more or less refined) tastes of food.

There is a subtle energetic channel that begins at the tip of the tongue. This subtle energetic channel (nadi) is called Saraswati and is related to the energetic manifestation of the Great Cosmic Wisdom Matangi.

Practically, Saraswati Nadi is a subtle nadi that facilitates the manifestation of divine inspiration at the level of the mind through speech.

Matangi represents the stream of blissful subtle energy that flows through this subtle nadi (Saraswati) conferring inspiration in the art of metaphysical poetry and verbal expression of the divine truths.

Her meditation form is represented by a dark green color, similar to the color of the pure and precious emerald, a color that symbolizes the profound knowledge about created aspects and also the essential energy of life.

As we already know, green is the color of the planet Mercury, which governs the power of intelligence.

Matangi must be visualized playing a rudra -vina, which is a symbol of the power and inspiration that She offers to the sincere and devoted worshiper regarding music and all the vibrating manifestations of energy.

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The beauty of Matangi is dazzling and She wears many mysterious objects with which She fascinates and seduces Her sincere worshipers.

She wears the same ornaments and objects like Tripura Sundari. Sometimes, She is represented holding a multi colored parrot, which is the symbol of the power of expression through speech in Nature.

Matangi must be visualized in our meditations as sitting on a wonderful throne made up of precious stones.

One of the most common means of worshiping Matangi (especially in India) is to correctly pronounce the sylables of the sanskrit alphabet.

This represents the un-manifested subtle sound when compared to the uttered words that symbolize the manifestation of these essential divine energies in Creation.

A correct pronunciation of the sylables of the sanskrit alphabet can be related to the energetic petals (or spokes) of the main subtle force centers (chakras) of the human being and it can fully purify, awaken and activate them.

Another efficient way in which Matangi can be worshiped is to meditate on the deep meaning of the sacred texts of spirituality, and especially on the wise words of the Guru.

In time, this efficient practice will become a veritable process of meditation and even of contemplation of the teachings of the spiritual master and of the ways in which they are connected to our own life.

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Music is also a very efficient means of worshipping Matangi. In fact, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Matangi is worshiped as the main goddess of music and, consequently, of musicians.

A daily deep meditation with the bija mantra that corresponds to the conscience sphere of Matangi confers power and genius like inspiration in all forms of artistic expression, but especially in music.

At the highest level, we must recognize in Matangi as the mysterious meaning of the perfect silence of the Supreme Self Atman, which is in fact, the veritable essence and power beyond all our thoughts and words.

In other words, we must gradually understand that the Great Cosmic Wisdom Matangi that manifests mostly through speech and art divinely leads the objective, visible world (samsara) to the pure, sacred realm of divine transcendence.

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