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The human being experiences only a small fraction of the infinite game of divine light in manifestation and unfortunately this fragment can be distorted through the limited capacities of perception of his or her senses.

Therefore, the pleasure offered by the body and its senses is smaller than the pain, suffering and illness people have to face during their lifetime.

From this point of view, in which the yogi feels incarcerated in the prison of the senses and bodily desires, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta appears as a Savior from the slavery of gross matter.

In the ecstasy of the happiness she experiences all the time, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta can drink all the blood that expresses the joys and sufferings, the pain and the hopes of the earthly life, absorbing and sublimating the whole fragmented experience of time, with its disappointments and illusions.

The Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta does this extraordinary process of absorption and transformation of all that is ultimately ephemeral and illusionary without forgetting her essentially divine nature, which is the eternal nature of the Supreme Self Atman.

Although the form under which she appears to mortals can be terrible and frightening, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta represents one of the beneficialial and deeply transforming energies of the Macro cosmos, and of the micro cosmos.

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There is a close correlation between Chinnamasta and Kali , in the sense that the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta represents from a certain perspective the concentration of Kali’s energy.

She is also oriented towards the spiritual transformation of the sincere devotee towards perfection. In this aspect of hers, Chinnamasta name is also Prachanda Chandika, identifying herself with the most terrible form of Kali, which is Chandi.

On the other hand, her terrible aspect can also be correlated with the Great Cosmic Wisdom Tripura Bhairavi as Chinnamasta is, just as Tripura Bhairavi a great fighter.

Nonetheless, while Tripura Bhairavi resonates more with the tellurian fundamental energies, because her location is Muladhara Chakra, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta resonates more with the dynamic subtle energies of air.

From this point of view, we can say that the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta acts mainly in what we call the intermediary world, in that world that connects the transcendent aspect of the manifestation with the material one.

Thus she represents the lightning that unifies the sky and the earth, which are analogically associated with the mind and the body of the human being.

Her fundamental goal is to free people from the limitations inherent to their condition of incarnate spirits.

Tantra Magazine
If Chandi (Kali’s most terrific aspect) destroys the demons and satanic entities, the aspect of Prachanda Chandi destroys the last and most difficult enemy of spirituality – the ego.

From another perspective, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta is identified with Indrani, the feminine counterpart of the great Vedic god Indra and the greatest and most important of all goddesses.

Indrani is also named Vairochani, “the very brilliant”, “the one who radiates powerfully”, just as Durga the terrible goddess who is described in the same manner.

The Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta is particularly named Vajra Vairochani, meaning “the one that is brilliant and holds lighting with her arm”.

As we already know, lightning is Indra’s weapon and is the very reason for which Indra is considered the diamond god, a personification of instantaneous spiritual enlightening.

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