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As there are many ways in which an action can be stopped, there are also many ways in which Bagalamukhi can be adored. After all, in the tantric tradition she is considered the symbol of the entire yogic process that leads to the supreme calmness of the mind.

Thus, one of the most important ways to adore her is to perfectly control the act of speech and by not saying anything offending about other people.

The intense practice of Hatha Yoga techniques is another way of adoring Bagalamukhi, especially through asanas (the postures of the body), where the position of the body is maintained unchanged for a long period of time.

A more advanced and profound way to adore this Great Cosmic Wisdom is through the pranayama techniques (breath control), which aim to the stop (or block) the flow of prana in certain parts or in the whole body.

Unfortunately, the flow of breath flow cannot be stopped that easily even in the case of an advanced yogi practitioner.

However, he will be able to stop his breath without a problem when he receives the grace of Bagalamukhi.

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Another way of adoring Bagalamukhi is to learn to block the subtle energy flow that manifests in our bodies at will, either by the action of thought or through a mantra.

For this, a the ability to concentrate (dharana) and to focus our attention at will and firmly on a certain object, aspect, etc. are needed.

Another practical, but more difficult and more abstract approach to resonate with Bagalamukhi is to try and remember as often as possible our spiritual nature which will result in focus of our attention and the suspension of thoughts in the mind (which most of the time manifests through different wishes, secondary ideas,etc.).

This process is quite difficult to achieve by most people because it implies attentively watching the fluctuations of the mind a a detached, but conscious witness and realizing little by little how the mind becomes stable and quiet.

Yogic sages assert that this is the most efficient way to sincerely adore Bagalamukhi.

As we advance in our practice we understand that the attitude of a witness and of a simple observer uninvolved in the process of becoming results in the lack of identification with the relative aspects of manifestation, that is, with the changes of our mind which then becomes stable and able to be consciously controlled.

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The tantric spiritual texts mention another way to access the sphere of consciousness and force of the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bagalamukhi: the stoppage of the subtle ascendant energy flow in Sushumna Nadi to the level of Ajna Chakra, or the soft palate, or of Anahata Chakra.

The occult texts say that if the energies are blocked at the level of the third eye (Ajna Chakra), the consciousness of the Self is revealed during the state of wakefulness ( Jagrat Avastha ); if they are blocked at the level of the soft palate, the Self is revealed during the state of dreamful sleep (Svapna Avastha); and if they are blocked at the level of Anahata Chakra, then the revealing of our supreme spiritual nature occurs during the state of deep dreamless sleep (Sushupti Avastha).

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