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The anaphrodisiac diet goes by the principle “less, but better” and aims to temporarily decrease disturbances in the sexual energy, so that the person in question has the time to bring harmony back to this level.

Through this type of diet, we do not merely aim to decrease the sexual energy, but to purify it as well, granting the necessary time to redirect and to sublimate the erotic desire harmoniously.

This diet is recommended in cases of sexual hyper-excitability, masturbation, a tendency towards perversions, frequent and draining discharges of sexual energy during lovemaking or through premature ejaculations.

The main effect produced by this diet is:
The decrease of sexual energy – performed through perfectly healthy natural methods, which have no harmful influence on a human being and which are only temporary.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Use anaphrodisiac foods such as lettuce, pumpkins, and bitter vegetables, consumed fresh.
  • During this diet, completely avoid any spices such as pepper, pepperoni, curry, ginger, oregano, thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.
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  • Decrease the quantity of salt you consume by half.
  • Eliminate sugar from your diet, and products that contain sugar, meat, and other products made with the aforementioned ingredients.
  • Eliminate coffee and alcohol as well.
  • Use anaphrodisiac plants such as valerian, hops, lime tree flowers and lavender.
  • Use infusions of lime and lavender combined with mint and sage.
  • Perform physical exercises that increase your physical energy, burning away the excess fat.

However, if the ingested food is not sweet, or spiced, or salted, can one still eat and live well?

The answer is yes, because we do not live to eat, but we eat to live, to be fit and to preserve our physical structure.

The aggressive taste of food is eliminated in order to be replaced with the natural and subtle taste of pure foods, which are an excellent means of purification and re-education of one’s taste buds.

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Many of you will rediscover the genuine and long-forgotten pleasure of eating by consuming fresh and pure food. Disturbances of the sexual energy are usually manifested through an amplified tendency to stimulate the sense corresponding to the center of force known as SWADHISTHANA CHAKRA, which is taste.

Such people have to deal with a clear disturbance in their appetite. Some of them will eat too much, others will indulge in eating sweets,and others will consume alcohol as an instinctive tendency to stimulate all their senses.

Purification is a necessary stage because in its absence any anaphrodisiac diet is useless. The general problem is not due to a huge sexual energy, but due to a huge and impure sexual energy, which always leads to strange behavior.

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