Other symptoms of REVERSED KUNDALINI : an irrational feeling of separation from the Individual Self, a pre-occupation with morbid fantasies, sadomasochistic obsessions, change of body temperature, heavy breathing and weakness of the limbs.

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In these situations REVERSED KUNDALINI can be fought with a harmonious, natural life-style, breathing exercises (that help very much to reverse descending energy flows) and healthy sexual practices that involve SEXUAL CONTINENCE, a careful TRANSFIGURATION, MUCH LOVE, DIVINE INTEGRATION, and the consecration of the erotic play to GOD.

A very useful HATHA YOGA exercise for rising KUNDLINI is MULA BANDHA, the rhythmical and firm contraction of the muscles of the anal sphincters.

The secret root center (MULADHARA CHAKRA) is complex and all its elements are interconnected. The Eastern anatomic views are interested in this area because it confirms many ancient descriptions of this force center, as well as the way it functions.

There are structures around the backbone, in the coccyx area. There is a bony structure formed of four coccyx elements and of some so-called “horns” which articulate with some sacred “horns” (a triangle compound in the posterior part of the pelvis).

Certain authors consider this whole zone, as the remains of an animal tail that has atrophied during the evolutionary process.

The perineum zone represents a complex structure, situated between the anus and genitals which is formed from four parts known in the medical world as the pubo-coccigian muscle (placed in the front), the external muscle of the anal sphincter (placed in the back) and two superficial perineum muscles (placed on the sides).

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The first of these muscles is responsible for the expulsion of urine and is also the “accessory erection muscle”, its contractions lead to the ejaculation of sperm.

In women this muscle is responsible for the contraction and relaxation of the vaginal orifice. Conscious control of this muscle is an aim of a considerable importance within the Tantric tradition.

The so-called “shy” or pudenda nerve is the main nervous connection with the perineum muscles. PERFECT CONSCIOUS control of this nerve gives complete control over male erection and ejaculation and over female contractions of the YONI.

The three branches of this nerve (SHY or PUDENDA nerve) go up into the pelvis and come out as the sacred nerves and finally reunite into the sciatic nerve. The shy nerve finally leaves the perineum zone as a dorsal nerve in the LINGAM (men) or of the YONI (women).

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Tantric descriptions tell us about a lotus with four petals (MULADHARA CHAKRA). In its interior there is a second square “base”, governed by a god with an elephant head (GANESHA) on top of which there is a triangle that has inside of it a LINGAM (the prostate) surrounded by KUNDALINI.

This is the place where the central channel (SUSHUMNA NADI) starts which reaches all the other subtle centers (CHAKRAs).

Inside the prostate there are seminal vesicles, also known as “blank bags”, each having the (approximate) form and size of the little finger; considered in eastern medicine as the “male homologue of the uterus and vagina”.

They are responsible for the secretion of alkaline elements in the seminal fluid, like the secretions from the YONI of aroused women. There is also an ejaculating channel going from the prostate to the rectum.

Women do not have a prostate, but they have a cervix which is the “flower” of the uterus. A thin membrane separates the CERVIX from the anal passage. It is therefore understandable that an unusual position of the cervix or the uterus can often be a physiological cause for some women to experience great pleasure from anal sex.

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The blockage of the prostate (men) or the cervix pressing from the inside of the rectum (women) in the case of the man or woman who does not practice SEXUAL CONTINENCE leads to an abnormal flow of subtle sexual energy accumulated at this level which then discharges in a descendant direction.

Such phenomena of REVERSED KUNDALINI can lead to neurosis and other personality disorders. In such cases, sensibility is replaced by cynicism. Other physical symptoms are: a disharmonious gain in weight, the sudden thickening of the inferior parts of the body: waist, hips, and legs become STRANGELY fatter, heavier, without a considerable change in eating habits.

A healthy lifestyle without meat, tobacco, alcohol and healthy sexual habits, all help to overcome some serious problems generated by the phenomena of REVERSED KUNDALINI.

When sublimating the energy which results from the TRANSMUTATION of the sexual potential, that is – giving it an upward direction (HARMONIOUS SUBLIMATION), states of morbidity are replaced by spiritual transcendence, radiant beauty, optimism and wisdom.

“Firmly close the anal orifice with your left heel, by pressing it carefully, then slowly move the rectum muscles. Now strongly but progressively contract the YONI muscles or the perineum muscles (placed between the anus and the genitals). Breathe in slowly using JALANDHARA BANDHA (the firm and permanent pressure of the chin on the neck, contracting the muscles of the neck). This technique is called MAHABANDHA and it is said to be extremely efficient in eliminating weaknesses of all kinds and for overcoming death. MAHABANDHA helps those who know use it, it makes all their benevolent wishes come true.”