“THE PERFUMED GARDEN” is an old Arabian sexual education book inspired from Kama Sutra . This time we will present different names given to the male sexual organ. Don’t forget to read the whole book online in our e-library.

The member is called el ar on account of its alternate swelling and subsiding again. If swollen up it stands erect, and if not it sinks down flaccid.

It is called el hamama (the pigeon), because after having been swelled out it resembles at the moment when it returns to repose a pigeon sitting on her eggs.

El teunnana (the tinkler) – So called because every time it enters or comes out of the vulva in coition it makes a noise.

El heurmak (the indomitable) – It has received this name because when in a state of erection it begins to move its head, searching for the entrance to the vulva till it has found it, and it then walks in quite insolently, without asking leave.

El ahlil (the liberator) – Thus called because in penetrating into the vulva of a woman thrice repudiated it gives her the liberty to return to her first husband.

El zeub (the verge) – From the word deub, which means creeping. This name was given to the member because when it gets between a woman’s thighs and feels a plump vulva it begins to creep upon the thighs and the Mount of Venus, then approaches the entrance of the vulva, and keeps creeping in until it is in possession and is comfortably lodged, and having it all its own way penetrates into the middle of the vulva, there to ejaculate.

El hammache (the exciter) – It has received this name because it irritates the vulva by its frequent entries and exits.

El nasse (the sleeper) – From its deceitful appearance. When it gets into erection, it lengthens out and stiffens itself to such an extent that one might think it would never get soft again. But when it has left the vulva, after having satisfied its passion, it goes to sleep.

There are members that fan asleep while inside the vulva, but the majority of them come out still firm but at that moment they get drowsy, and little by little they go to sleep.

El zoddame (the crowbar) – It is called so because when it meets the vulva and the same will not let it pass in directly, it forces the entrance with its head, breaking and tearing everything, like a wild beast in the rutting season.

El khiade (the tailor) – It takes this name from the circumstance that it does not enter the vulva until it has manoeuvred about the entrance, like a needle in the hand of a tailor, creeping and rubbing against it until it is sufficiently roused, after which it enters.

Mochefi el relil (the extinguisher of passion) – This name is given to a member which is large, strong, and slow to ejaculate; such a member satisfies most completely the amorous wishes of a woman; for, after having wrought her up to the highest pitch, it allays her excitement better than any other. And, in the same way, it calms the ardour of the man. When it wants to get into the vulva, and arriving at the portal finds it closed, it laments, begs and promises: `Oh! my love! let me come in, I will not stay long.’ And when it has been admitted, it breaks its word, and makes a long stay, and does not take its leave till it has satisfied its ardour by the ejaculation of the sperm, coming and going, tilting high and low, and rummaging right and left. The vulva protests, `How about your word, you deceiver?’ she says; `you said you would only stop in for a moment.’ And the member answers, `Oh, certainly! I shall not retire till I have encountered your womb; but after having found it, I will engage to withdraw at once.’ At these words, the vulva takes pity on him, and advances her matrix, which clasps and kisses its head, as if saluting it. `The member then retires with its passion cooled down.

El khorrate (the turnabout) – This name was given to it because on arriving at the vulva it pretends to come on important business, knocks at the door, turns about everywhere, without shame or bashfulness, investigating every corner to the right and left, forward and backward, and then all at once darts right to the bottom of the vagina for the ejaculation.

El deukkak (the striker) – Thus called because on arriving at the entrance of the vulva it gives a slight knock. If the vulva opens the door, it enters; if there is no response, it begins to knock again, and does not cease until it is admitted. The parasite who wants to get into the house of a rich man to be present at a feast does the same: he knocks at the door; and if it is opened, he walks in; but if there is no response to his knock, he repeats it again and again until the door is opened. And similarly the deukkak with the door of the vulva.

By `knocking at the door’ is meant the friction of the member against the entrance of the vulva until the latter becomes moist. The appearance of this moisture is the phenomenon alluded to by the expression `opening the door.

El ouame (the swimmer) – Because when it enters the vulva it does not remain in one favourite place, but, on the contrary, turns to the right, to the left, goes forward, draws back, and then moves like a swimmer in the middle amongst its own sperm and the fluid furnished by the vulva, as if in fear of drowning and trying to save itself.

El dekhal (the housebreaker) – Merits that name because on coming to the door of the vulva this one asks, `What do you want?’ `I want to come in!’ `Impossible! I cannot take you in on account of your size.’ Then the member insists that the other one should only receive its head, promising not to come in entirely; it then approaches, rubs its head twice or thrice between the vulva’s lips, till they get humid and thus lubricated, then introduces first its head, and after, with one push, plunges in up to the testicles.

El ouar (the one-eyed) – Because it has but one eye, which eye is not like other eyes, and does not see clearly.

El fordyce (the bald one) – Because there is no hair on its head, which makes it look bald.

Abou ane (he with one eye) – It has received this name because it has one eye which presents the peculiarity of being without pupil and eyelashes.

El tsar (the stumbler) – It is called so because if it wants to penetrate into the vulva but does not see the door, it beats about above and below, bind thus continues to stumble as over stones in the road, until the lips of the vulva get humid, when it manages to get inside. The vulva then says, What has happened to you that made you stumble about so?’ The member answers, `O my love, it was a stone lying in the road.’

El dommar (the odd-headed) – Because its head is different from all ether heads.

Abou rokba (the one with a neck) – That is the being with a short neck, a well-developed throat, thick at the end, and a bald head, and who, moreover, has coarse and bristly hair from the navel to the pubis.

Abou quetaa (the hairy one; who has a forest of hail) – This name is given to it when the hair is abundant about it.

El besiss (the impudent one) – It has received this name because from the moment that it gets stiff and long it does not care for anybody, lifts impudently the clothing of its master by raising its head fiercely, and makes him ashamed while itself feels no shame. It acts in the same unabashed way with women, turning up their clothes and laying bare their thighs. Its master may blush at this conduct, but as to itself its stiffness and determination to plunge into a vulva only increase.

El mostahi (the shame-faced one) – This sort of member which is met with sometimes, is capable of feeling ashamed and timid when facing a vulva which it does not know, and it is only after a little time that it gets bolder and stiffens. Sometimes it is even so much troubled that it remains incompetent for the coitus, which happens in particular when a stranger is present, in which case it becomes quite incapable of moving.

El bekka (the weeper) – So called on account of the many tears it sheds: as soon as it gets m erection, it weeps; when it sees a pretty face, it weeps; handling a woman, it weeps. It goes even so far as to weep tears sacred to memory.

El hezzaz (the rummager) – It is named thus because as soon as it penetrates into the vulva it begins to rummage about vigorously, until it has appeased its passion.

El lezzaz (the unionist) – Received that name because as soon as it is in the vulva it pushes and works till fur meets fur, and even makes efforts to force the testicles into it.

Abou laba (the expectorant) – Has received this name because when coming near a vulva, or when it sees one, or even when merely thinking of it, or when its master touches a woman or plays with her or kisses her, its saliva begins to move and it has tears in its eye; this saliva is particularly abundant when it has been for some time out of work, and it will even wet then his master’s dress. This member is very common, and there are but few people who are not furnished with it.

The liquid it sheds is cited by lawyers under the name of medi. Its production is the result of toyings and of lascivious thoughts. With some people it is so abundant as to fill the vulva, so that they erroneously believe that it comes from the woman.

El fattache (the searcher) – From its habit, when in the vulva, of turning in every direction as if in search of something; and that something is the matrix. It will know no rest until it has found it.

El hakkak (the rubber) – It has got this name because it will not enter the vagina until it has rubbed its head against the entrance and the lower part of the belly. It is frequently mistaken for the next one.

El mourekhi (the flabby one) – This one can never get in because it is too soft, and it is therefore content to rub its head against the entrance to the vulva until it ejaculates. It gives no pleasure to woman, but only inflames her passion without being able to satisfy it, and makes cross and irritable.

El motel (the ransacker) – So named because it penetrates into the unusual places, makes itself well acquainted with the state of vulvas, and can distinguish their qualities and faults.

El mokcheuf (the discoverer) – Has been thus denominated because in getting up and raising its head, it raises the vestments which hide it, and uncovers its master’s nudities, and because it is also not afraid to lay bare the vulvas which it does not yet know, and to lift up the clothes which cover them without shame. It is not accessible to any sense of bashfulness, cares for nothing and respects nothing. Nothing which concerns the coitus is strange to it; it has a profound knowledge of vulvas state of humidity, freshness, dryness, rightness or warmth of vulvas which it explores assiduously. There are, in fact, certain vulvas o exquisite exterior, plump and fine outside, whose insides leave much to wish for, and they give no pleasure, owing to their being not warm, but very humid, and having other similar faults. It is for this reason that the mokcheuf tries to find out about things concerning the coitus, and received this name.

These are the principal names that have been given to the virile member according to its qualities. Those who think that the number of these names is not exhaustive can look for more; but I think I have given a nomenclature long enough to satisfy my readers.