Stay in a riding position on your lovers lap and then bend backwards so that your pelvis is inclined and puts up resistance to the penetration with its superior part.

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Contract at random the muscles of the pelvic base; relax and move your pelvis up, down, forth and back after each contraction. Contract again all the pelvic muscles and alternate the cycles.

Lie on your back perpendicularly on your lover who will stay on one side. Let him push when penetrating.

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When he moves forth and back inside you, contract when pushing and relax when pulling.

In the Indian yab-yum position, stay in your lover lap and move towards him ten times in a controlled rhythm. Then stop and squeeze strongly ten times. Go on and alternate while kissing and hugging.

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When you learn something new try to do it in the simplest and most direct way. Then, when you master the technique add a variation; a turning here, a twisting there, your legs in another position – anything.

It is important to master the basics before you add the variations; as they divert your attention.

You can make more complex exercises after you know very well the simple movements. Learn each technique well and practice it until you master it. Then you may add to your list new variations.

The above mentioned positions describe the movements which you may practice the squeezes and pushes. Some of them require a lower speed; others lack any movement.

You must understand that by focusing on the intimacy that you live, the intensity of your sensations will increase very much.

You will both have the chance to appreciate all the variations of your sensations, which become evident when the intercourse is slower.

You will both be sensually aroused for a longer period of time, and this will increase the intensity of your orgasm and will prolong its duration during a sexual intercourse.

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