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The 5th level includes 2 stages:
1. the visualization exercises
2. the rhythmical contractions

The visualization exercises should be practiced until you become aware of different areas of your pelvic musculature.

When you can confidently use your vaginal muscles you can pass to the second stage of the fifth level: the rhythmical contractions.

Practice in each session four different exercises, twice a week. When you are able to precisely exercise all types of contractions, pass to the next level.

You are now prepared to exercise more refined contractions of your vaginal muscles. You still need to practice by yourself for a while, then you may start to exercise with your lover.

Once you have gained a serious muscular control, you can advance working at higher intensities, using different parts of the basic pelvic muscles. You might not want to do such exercises in the first two weeks but you have nothing to lose if you try them sooner.

The only problems you may encounter are with your general strength and resistance, in case they are not yet prepared to sustain more difficult exercises.

Do you remember how you have focused to locate your muscles? You need a similar concentration in order to do more subtle movements with your muscles.

Maybe it is useful to imagine this process before, during and after you attempt to do such a subtle exercise. This would help the muscle to isolate and to act on the respective fibers.

While you are visualizing, your brain uses the necessary nervous means for the wished movement. The nervous connections are facilitated by this mental force.

If you can conceive something, practice it and keep on thinking of it, the performances are improved when you return to it.

The so called positive visualization used by the professional athletes in order to be successful is based on this theory. As an addition to the daily training, they imagine themselves how they perfectly run, jump or dart.

Imagine you have an elevator in your vagina. Your task is to move it up to the superior part of your vagina stopping over three times.

When it gets up keep it there for a while and then move it again to the basis. Stay for a while at each stop-over.

While doing all these you should feel as if at each contraction you use even more muscular fibers. The descending movement will be more difficult, so do it slowly and do the manoeuvre very precisely.

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