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In order to find out the rhythm and peculiarities of your breath, you must study it thoroughly more times a day, as some of the rhythms may not be the ones that characterize you but momentary ones.

It should be also mentioned that if one or more aggravations of the breath manifests for 8 hours during a day and daily, or almost daily, that person already faces the problems of that aggravation.

There are also mixed symptoms that show aggravations of more DOSHAs in the same time. For example, heavy and irregular breathing shows an aggravation of KAPHA and PITTA.

Closely related to the psychic, the mind will be influenced by the change of the type of breathing and of the breathing rhythm.

A simple, deep, quiet breathing assures best functioning conditions of the mind. The state of mental calmness, of control depends on correct breathing.

Each of the three types of breathing has its own influence on the functioning of the mind. Except for abdominal breathing, which can be very useful sometimes but which is not advisable to be used as a unique and permanent way of breathing, the best breathing being the complete one. The other types of breathing used as unique and permanent ways of breathing lead to mental instability and chaos.

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Here you have the connotations for each type of breathing when it prevails (one type of breathing prevails when it is the only or almost the only type for long periods of time during the day):

1. Abdominal breathing facilitates the stability of the mind. When one uses it as a unique type of breathing, it confers mental rigidity and inhibits the creative, intuitive faculties.

2. Thoracic breathing causes mental instability when it prevails. It is conducive to the quick mental processes but the lack of stability prevents the acquiring of mental profoundness.

3. Clavicle breathing: when prevailing, it shows concentration problems, thinking discontinuity. Although it is associated to the awakening of some intuitive, creative abilities, it can decrease thinking and especially ability to control when it is used for long periods of time, thus causing mental confusion.

You can try for short periods of time one of the basic breathing types in order to awaken certain mental abilities:

1. It is helpful to breathe mostly or exclusively abdominally for some periods of time in order to acquire stability, clarity, power for evoking and holding certain powerful ideas.

2. Thoracic breathing is useful for thinking flexibility, for uniting the mind and soul.

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3. Clavicle breathing is recommended (for maximum 5-6 minutes) in order to awaken the creative ability, intuition and mental flexibility.

It can also confer momentary spontaneity and you can use it for awakening within yourself states like: laughter, exuberant optimism, brilliant inventiveness, etc.

The breathing rhythm should be regular and slow. The best states for concentration are related to a calm, silent, profound, complete (abdominal, thoracic and clavicle) breathing.

There are harmonious breathing rhythms which are synchronized with certain units of time (measured by the watch), with your own heart rhythm or with the rhythm of movement, etc, that generate states of concentration, creativeness, relaxation or meditation.

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