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In order to perform this simple and effective technique you will need a mechanical wrist watch. Do not wear it but fix it a level in front and at the height of your eyes.

Then, in a state of detachment, and calmness, stare at the second hand of the watch, without pausing for a moment. At the same time as staring at the second hand of the watch, focus your attention on your inner state.

In this manner, you will perform the synthesis of two apparently opposing attitudes, the expression of two opposed tendencies of your mind: an outward attitude, expressed by staring at the watch and an inner-directed one, expressed by the focus on your state of mind.

Along with this double focus, we have to focus also on the idea: “I am…(your name) and I am here now. I am.” Next, – try as much as possible – to keep your mind focused only on this idea, while following the second hand of the watch in a detached and focused manner.

Stay perfectly aware of your person, of your name and of the place where you are. The mental repetition of your name should not lead to a superficial identification with the ephemeral “I”, but instead it should awake in us an awareness of our unitary and divine consciousness.

Tantra Magazine
For a better understanding of this technique, we will mention that this idea should not be kept in our minds in an “obstinate”, egoistic way. Ultimately, the mental focus on the idea of “I” should become non-verbalized, “felt” and perceived intuitively.

This exercise requires more than a simple thought about your existence, it requires the awareness of it. Go beyond your thoughts and concepts to direct, mysterious, and absolute knowledge of your existence.

At this point, notice that this revelation is perfectly accessible to us and due to spiritual intuition this experience will awaken inside of us something bright, extremely important and real.

This very simple and important technique will help anyone get a step closer to the revelation of their true self and makes them discover that it is perfectly possible for each of us to awaken and reach a real awareness of our own Self.

Even at this level, we will have different thoughts. Images, feelings, aspirations will keep on coming and going, just as before, but we will perceive SIMULTANEOUSLY a different perception, just as a witness who takes part detached and uninvolved from an event.

Tantra Magazine

This witness-consciousness will become permanent in our lives and will awaken and amplify inside of us a supra-mental force meant to alter, analyze and even stop the flow of thoughts, images and so on.

This force is strong enough to catalyze the revelation of the divine self, Atman. Only at this stage, we may say that we have a stable inner structure, like an axis of our being, bringing along a real and perfectly aware consciousness of ourselves and of the world.

Thus, being detached and preserving this witness-consciousness, we may say that we are on the right path that leads to distinguishing between the Supreme Self (Atman) and the illusions of this world.

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