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It’s not necessary to use complex electronic devices in order to know yourself. Tantric meditation techniques can help the ones who are trying to establish an energetic harmony within and around themselves.

The ASANAS (body positions), the ethical and moral code of YOGA, the relaxation and meditation methods, the concentration techniques on YANTRAS (certain symbolic geometrical diagrams), the breathing control techniques, all under the careful surveillance of a competent Tantric master can help us find and eliminate anxiety, enhance our power of concentration, amplify our intelligence, evolve us spiritually, allow us to really know ourselves and to open up to new existing dimensions.

Everybody can choose a meditation or a concentration technique that suits them with the help of his spiritual guide. By practicing YOGA techniques anyone can see amazing beneficialial transformations. Here and now you can touch perfection.

The message of a Tantric master to his disciples:
“Let’s tear down the wall that separates us from the Light, set aside our prejudices, rigidity, selfishness and ignorance…Let’s try to learn to really live, to love and to be happy…Let’s regain the candor and purity of our childhood, to be better, more altruistic and wiser.. Let us be on the same side of the Macro cosmic Harmony, to resonate with the energies of good, beauty and truth. Let’s try to find the Ultimate Truth, to complete ourselves, to be springs of divine energy.”

The effects of Tantric practice:
The one who practices TANTRA YOGA will easily undergo a transformation for better from all points of view. To be more precise, we can say that the persevering Tantric adept amplifies his vitality and increases his will power. He also integrates himself better in society and where ever he works.

His feelings of affection are profoundly harmonized by the touch of the power of love. Intuition and purity are amplified. The mind becomes calmer, more focused and spiritually, he opens up to the Divine way of life.

An author talks about the effects of the Yogi Tantric meditation:
“Meditation helps us relax, become genius like, have exceptional spiritual states and even touch perfection. The ones who practice meditation do not go further from this world. On the contrary, they become wiser and can thus understand others better, feel more compassion towards those who are in pain, be stronger and of more help to those around them.”(Robert Jungle, PARI SUR L’HOMME)

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The efficiency secret in Tantra Yoga:
Generally speaking the secret of meditation and of yoga practice is the subtle energetic process called RESONANCE. By focusing on the mental level, the practitioner manages to initiate and gradually amplify RESONANCE between his own system called the MICRO COSMOS and the outer system, referred to as the MACRO COSMOS.

There are numerous beneficialial energies in the macro cosmos. Here are some examples: the vital energies and erotic energies, universal love, purity energies, the harmonious energies of beauty who modulate Nature permanently, the energetic sphere of the macro cosmic mind and even the supreme energies of Divine Transcendence.

A meditation becomes a journey in these invisible spheres which are just as real as the physical world we live in. With each meditation we increase our beneficialial sphere of energy and become, in time, out of common people, real gods.


BECOMING AWARE is the key to success in Tantra and in Yoga.
BECOMING AWARE is a direct relationship between the SELF and the surrounding world; we might say that becoming aware is an excellent exercise to reveal reality as it really is.

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Thus you should try to start by “Becoming aware of how unaware we really are.” We have to remind you that humans use only a small percentage of their brain, less than 20% in fact. The rest is part of that latent potential that is a mystery to scientists.

The UNITY already exists in us and outside us but we are not aware of it – it is a state of fusion with the supreme reality – this state, far from being a “NON-BEING”, represents our essence as human being.

Yet we are captivated by exterior differences, numerous details and distinctions of the exterior world. Even mentally the permanent verbalization of everything we perceive or live is a bastion of DIFFERENTIATING and DIVIDING our consciousness.

Many people want to learn the TANTRA of BECOMING AWARE but in reality all they do is behave with negligence, lack of attention and selfishness and ask for special results in Tantra. They consider that these belong to them without taking into account that everything has to be gained gradually.

You have to prove that you are OPEN MINDED and PATIENT in order to learn from each situation. Becoming aware is the key phenomenon in all Tantric practices and only by learning this important lesson you will have the success you want and can stop wasting time and energy uselessly.

Any spiritual technique is efficient only if it is coupled with the exercise of becoming aware. The desired results will be achieved faster if the process of becoming aware is complete and/or takes place fast.

HOW do you BECOME AWARE in yoga training?
Practically, becoming aware means to be open to the mental, subtle and sensorial perceptions, to the ineffable and delicate state that might appear during spiritual practice or in the day-to-day life. Not being aware is like being an animal or a rock – “even if fish live in the Ganges River, they are not automatically saved because they swim in a holy river.”

WHEN do you BECOME AWARE in yoga training?
Each time you practice Asanas and meditate, in the end, try to be aware of the physical and subtle effects for 2-3 minutes. Furthermore, during the complete relaxation (the essential step in HATHA YOGA) you need to become aware of your entire physical body, of each muscle group. In your day-to-day life you should be always aware of everything that appears and happens. This is proof of a high spiritual evolution.

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Finally the most important act of becoming aware is that of BEING AWARE OF WHO BECOMES AWARE – like a DETACHED WITNESS, a conscience centered on itself, in divine ecstasy. For those who reached success in Tantra and became spiritually free, there is only one more thing to accomplish: to be divinely aware of the manifested world, from the closest to the furthest aspects.

Tantra says that God is the Supreme Consciousness (CHIT) and the Ecstatic Energy (ANANDA), both together outside time and space. That is why BECOMING AWARE plays such an important part in the Tantric practices, both the sexual and the meditative.

We end by advising you to BE PERMANENTLY AND VERY MUCH AWARE.