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This pose is familiar to sleeping children or babies. It releases the tension accumulated at the level of our entire backbone and confers a childhood-like state of security.

Support elements: one or more blankets, two or more towels.
Optional support elements:
– A bag partially filled with sand that easily moulds when we use it.
– A rolled blanket
– Another blanket to cover yourself
– A watch


First, kneel down on the floor (which should have a carpet or a blanket on it), having all the other blankets at hand, in front of you. In order to prevent the accumulation of stress in your ankles, orient your heels towards the outside.

Place your butt right on the floor, between your feet, without supporting it on your heels. If you have a discomforting sensation in your knees or ankles even after you have relaxed for a short while, rise and do the following adjustments: place a rolled towel under your knees and another one (or two) under your ankles. Establish their thickness according to your sensations (you must feel comfortable).

Now sit again. Put your knees apart so that you can place the support blankets between your thighs. For an even better way to relax you can put the bag with sand under the base of your backbone.

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Now bow until your torso rests, supported by the materials previously mentioned and your thighs. Your elbows must not touch your knees. If you feel you need thicker support put more blankets between your knees.

After you have reached the final pose, relax your shoulders, letting them “fall” at your sides. Turn your head to one side and slowly bring your chin towards your chest.

After half of the execution time, turn your head on the other side. If you feel any discomfort at one of the two sides, lean your forehead on the support and make sure that you can easily breathe.

You can place your arms in the following manner: either to touch your toes, straight, or above your head, catching the support from its sides. In fact, you may also find other positions for your arms as long as they feel comfortable. Close your eyes.

Practice this pose for 7 minutes, but divide the period into two equal parts, one for each side your head faces.

Breathe slowly, deeply and fully.


Let your body feel relaxed. The pressure of the support below your lower torso can be very pleasant especially if you have abdominal cramps. If other tensions appear exercise your willpower and remove them.

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Open your eyes. Remove the bag. Place your hand on the floor, under your shoulders. Push slowly and rise first in your knees and then in your feet.

When standing, inhale again deeply. Preserve the obtained state for as long as possible. When gradually returning to the initial position, avoid the discomfort that may sometimes appear at the level of your knees.
“The posture of the sleeping baby” straightens your backbone slowly, releasing the tension from your shoulders; it also calms your mind.”


Therapeutic effects
It removes the readjustment syndrome.

It should not be performed in the following cases:
– If you suffer from chronic back diseases, which are in advanced stages
– If you are pregnant for more than three months
– Degenerative modifications of the joints (of the knees, ankles, feet in general).

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