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For the first series you need 21 minutes, a quiet room and some simple elements. You will have to do three postures (in the following order):

1. the posture of the legs leaning against the wall

2. the posture of the sleeping baby

3. the fundamental relaxation posture

If you do not have enough time for all these postures, practice at least the last one for 7 minutes.


It is a simple posture that you can practice even on your trips. You only need to lie down on your back and to lean your legs against a wall.

This position makes the exceeding blood and lymphatic fluid descend into the abdomen, reinvigorating the muscles of the inferior limbs and the circulating system.

Furthermore, the energy that is usually wasted (as it flows through the legs into the ground), is now preserved in the body, flowing towards the pelvis.

Support: a wall.
Optional support elements: a redoubled blanket placed under the head.

To begin, lie down on the floor parallel to the wall, at an arm’s length from it. Spin around leaning on your shoulder while you raise your legs against the wall.

Once you are in the posture, make sure that your back is not laterally curved and that your chin is moderately brought towards your chest. You can use a folded or redoubled blanket; but you must not move your head backwards.

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Keep your legs relaxed and your knees straight. Place your arms symmetrically along the two sides of your body, your palms facing up. Close your eyes.

Breathe slowly and deeply during the whole exercise.

Focus on the cosmic energy that flows through your legs and accumulates at the level of your abdomen. Notice how it disperses all tensions from your legs. You will feel your feet and legs lighter and free.

Now move your inner sight from the middle of your forehead (the part where Ajna Chakra is physically projected) towards the back of your head. Notice how your entire body becomes heavy. The correct pose and execution of it will generate a state of openness and freedom. Enjoy what you are feeling.

Open your eyes. Slowly move different parts of your body inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Bring your knees up to your chest and spin around on one side. Rise and sit.

Focus, preferably with your eyes closed, on the effects of this posture and preserve them for as long as possible.

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This posture is recommended for decreasing the level of exhaustion and the edemas accumulated at the level of your feet. It is also helpful for those who have high blood pressure and are medically supervised, as it decreases the tension.


Do not perform poses with inversed elements in cases of:
– Hernia
– Menstruation (the first two days)
– Pregnancy (after three months)
– Sciatica
– Pain or stiffness at your knees. In this case you may try the following variants of this posture: come close to the wall until your legs are perpendicular to the ground. If the discomfort does not disappear, you may recede from the wall more than in the initial position and lean your soles against it, bending your knees, in a comfortable position.
– Pains in the lower part of your back. In this case, definitely recede from the wall and lean both your soles against it.

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