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In certain Tantric texts, this fundamental divine energy is associated with a sword that can cut through any opposition or negative manifestation.

She is both the supreme divine light and the extraordinary power of fire. Tripura Bhairavi represents the very flame of the divine consciousness, chid- agni, which is the Supreme Truth.

Another important element, known only by the initiates is that the Great Goddess, in Her radiant aspect, as tejas (the divine fire), is the governess of the subtle and essential realities that define the five elements, mahabhuta form the creation and the sensorial perception through the five sense organs.

These subtle realities are known as tanmantra and through them, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Tripura Bhairavi grants power and energy for the action and manifestation of the elements and the senses.

On the other hand, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Tripura Bhairavi is also known as Durga, the goddess who saves the devotee from difficult situations.

In most of her representations, Durga is riding a lion, a symbol of fire and solar energy. With a terrible and threatening attitude, Durga handles with great dexterity Her divine weapons, in order to destroy all enemies, demons, and disturbing negative forces alike.

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Consequently, She helps the devotee to overcome any sickness, sadness, suffering, and ultimately death. We may also note the close connection between Tripura Bhairavi and Tara, as they both represent the logos, even if under different aspects.

Thus, while Tara represents pashyanti vak, or the enlightening logos, Tripura Bhairavi indicates paravak, or the supreme, non-manifested logos.

We may say that the enlightening logos on its highest level becomes transformed into the supreme divine light and the “warmth” of the divine consciousness of the Heavenly Father.

This observation is valid in reverse as well. Thus, the non-manifested primordial logos symbolized by Tripura Bhairavi is gradually shaped through Taras action.

The terrible form of the divine energy is manifested in the human being mostly as the “transforming warmth and ardor”, in other words the tapas.

In its superior form of expression, tapas means the ardent aspiration that consumes and burns away the devotees attachments, illusions and secondary desires.

We may better understand this aspect if we remember that when we are truly interested in a certain aspect, we naturally and almost entirely become focused in that particular direction that has caught our interest.

We are no longer interested in the so-called “temptations” of the world. Analogically, the taps represents this form of genuine, real, and complete interest in spiritual life, resulting in the lack of other desires.

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This action characteristic to the tapas determines the appearance of heat generated by the force of spiritual discipline and aspiration, which helps us eliminate from our lives all that is unnecessary for our spiritual evolution.

In this form of her manifestation, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Tripura Bhairavi is particularly worshipped by those who follow the path of discriminating knowledge, raja yoga .

As a natural consequence of Her divine protective action, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Tripura Bhairavi grants the capacity of controlling the senses, thoughts, and emotions completely, also helping the devotee to successfully terminate his or her spiritual actions that require discipline and sustained effort.

Therefore, the wisdom of the Tantric tradition urges the practitioners to sincerely and ardently invoke the help of this Great Cosmic Wisdom, Tripura Bhairavi, every time they have to deal with various obstacles or hardships in their spiritual practice.

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