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The Hindi tantric tradition mentions that the ninth Great Cosmic Wisdom is Matangi, the Divine Mother that is sometimes described as having a dark green, emerald like color.

She is also presented as offering Her grace and blessings in a profound and beatific state of divine ecstasy that She ceaselessly lives in.

Etymologically, Mata means “a thought” or “an opinion”. Consequently, Matangi is the Great Cosmic Wisdom that penetrates the thought or the mind.

In fact, the main aspect that She represents is the “word” which is actually an embodiment or objectivity of thoughts.

Ruling the act of speaking, Matangi is also associated to the sense organ which is the ear and to our ability to listen.

This is actually the origin of the learning process, that generates powerful and deep thoughts.

Thus, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Matangi offers to those who adore Her sincerely, who are prepared and mature enough spiritually as well as endowed with a certain aesthetical refinement, the deep knowledge of symbols and archetypes, great artistic talent and helps them reach perfection in their creations.

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She is the Great Goddess of the “uttered word” itself and of any other type of exterior manifestation of inner knowledge, including all forms of art, music and dance.

From this point of view, Matangi is one of the three Great Cosmic Wisdoms related to the Divine Logos, the other two being (as was presented in previous articles) Tara and Tripura Bhairavi .

Matangi is, like Tara, a Great Cosmic Wisdom that expresses the power of learning and eloquence in debates and discussions.

But, while Tara refers to the Superior Divine Logos (Pashyanti , that implicitly contains everything, Matangi represents the Inferior Divine Logos (Vaikhari), the so called “uttered word”.

This is the lowest level of differentiation of the Divine Logos, the level of the effective utterance of words.

From this point of view (of the expression of the Divine Logos) and compared to Tara and Matangi, Tripura Bhairavi represents the Great Cosmic Wisdom of the transcendent and un-manifested Divine Logos (Paravak).

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Therefore, Matangi represents the intermediary, medium level (Madhyama) of the Divine Logos as well. This level governs the ideas that eventually become the words we utter, that is, the process of thinking itself.

At Her highest level, Matangi is Para-Vaikhari, the Supreme Logos that manifests through the means of effective (audible) speech.

In fact, this is the manifested and direct revelation of the highest knowledge in the form of human speech, from which all the texts and writings containing great wisdom appeared.

Consequently, Matangi contains in Her sphere of consciousness and activity all the levels of speech.

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