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“Sexuality is not something instinctual; it is a creative power – it is the main cause that lies at the basis of our individual life as well as an important factor in our psychic evolution and life.” (Carl Gustav Jung)

According to the Tantric tradition, the sexual act is more than a reproductive act. This act has the power to grant states of intense pleasure and happiness, but above all it allows the
two lovers to accelerate their spiritual evolution, as long as they don’t lose their energy through ejaculation during lovemaking.

Furthermore, Tantric lovemaking – involving sexual continence – can lead to the manifestation of supernatural spiritual powers (siddhis) that can help
one surpass the human condition and acquire a super-human state.

Do these things sound like really big claims? Maybe so, but we assure you that once you verify this assertion on your own, your opinion will change dramatically.

Are you tired of passing pleasures, of short and unsatisfying orgasms? Are you tired of the lack of depth, and lack of the true love that makes two souls become one in the embrace of eternity?

Tantra is a chance to break free, an extremely pleasant and highly effective chance, if applied correctly and perseveringly.

Tantric spiritual teachers indicated the idea that the mere pursuit of physical pleasure during lovemaking can be dangerous, because the person may become attached to the sensations of pleasure, or become dependent on them, which will lead to feelings of fear for the loss of these sensations.

Tantra Magazine
Although some people misunderstand it, Tantra means the experience and the exploitation of pleasure as a jumping board towards the expression of pure spirituality and mystic experiences.

Therefore, Tantric masters teach us that we can soar higher through the very things that usually represent the biggest obstacles for the adepts of
other spiritual paths.

It is unfortunate that so many spiritual seekers who fervently deny sexuality, still allow themselves to be invaded by problems and weaknesses arising from sexuality that take them further and further away from authentic spiritual experiences.

“Hevajra Tantra” says: “The same things that bind people can free them, yet ordinary people are often deceived, not knowing this truth. Therefore, a person who does not know the truth will never reach perfection.”

Tantra is a method which can be approached here, in the world, in the middle of the illusion, which can lead towards the
Divinity and to the achievement of the supreme goal – the Revelation of the Divine Spark within ourselves.

Through Tantra, we cross a dangerous place, yet a very fast one for our spiritual evolution. However we must be strong in order to use physical pleasure without falling into the trap of hedonism.

This differentiation is very subtle, yet crucial. When physical pleasure is sought without attachment to it, without clinging to it, without having any expectations from it, it will lead us to ultimate freedom. Tantra shows us the way to achieve this.

A strong aspiration towards spiritual freedom governs any activity of the Tantric practitioners. This aspiration represents the physical fuel, the positive force that brings energy and light.

Tantra Magazine

The freeing power of lovemaking performed without selfishness represents the antidote for human vanity, for lethargy, and ultimately for the fear of death.

Tantrics indicate that the most important aspect practitioners of spiritual lovemaking should have is a brave and optimistic mental attitude. Positive thinking attracts lasting happiness and unbelievable joy.

Furthermore, the application of physical techniques ( hatha yoga and pranayama ) helps the control of the sexual energy, which is normally lost through ejaculation (in men’s cases) and orgasms with discharge (in women’s cases), while simultaneously preserving the spontaneity and erotic joy involved in erotic acts.

Behold then, a unique science and a unique art: Tantra.