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In order to master the art of sexual continence, you have to learn how to raise your sexual energy along the spine and make it circulate through your body.
For this, you may perform asanas, pranayama, bandhas and mudras. In the following, you will be introduced to a yoga technique (UTKSHEPANA) that will help you sublimate your sexual energy. This technique is called The Cold Rising by Taoists.
You may perform this technique at any moment in which you feel that the sexual energy is stagnant in the genital area, making you nervous, irritable, stressed, or confused.
The sooner you succeed in sublimating the sexual energy from the genital area, the sooner you will experience all-body orgasms.

Finally, you will be able to use this energy in order to improve your health, experience more harmony and happiness.

Tantra Magazine

Either alone or with your lover, UTKSHEPANA will help you decrease the impulse to ejaculate.
When you feel sexually aroused, but you do not want or cannot make love, the following technique will allow you to release the sexual tension and transform this energy into more refined forms of energy.
This is the safest and most secure method for men to get rid of sexual frustration and excitation, as well as to facilitate the flow of the healing energy to the brain and heart.
This technique allows you to increase the level of your energy anytime and anywhere – waiting in the line while shopping, at the office, or even when waking in the middle of the night with a strong erection.

You have to improve your awareness of your perineum area in order to derive the best effects from this technique.
In short, you will use your muscles in order to lift and lower the testicles and your mind in order to raise the sexual energy from the genital area to the crown of your head.
According to Tantric and Taoist traditions, non-ejaculatory orgasms allow men to preserve their seed, their hormones, the vitamins, proteins and amino acids contained in it, as well as to preserve their energy.
Tantra Magazine
In the case of men, the testicles are “the factories” of sexual energy and this is where you extract the energy required for any activity.
This technique will allow you to sublimate the sexual energy from the genital area and make it circulate along the spine, through your body, stimulating all the nerves in its way.
Soon you will be able to perceive these waves of pleasure anytime, without even needing to be excited. In addition, this will make you have a brighter and happier day.

1. Warm your testicles in one hand, until you perceive a slight shiver or a startle of sexual energy.
2. Inhale and slowly contract the muscles around the testicles, perineum and anus. Imagine that you absorb the sexual energy and draw it through the testicles towards the perineum.
3. Exhale and relax the muscles, but keep your attention focused on the sexual energy.
4. Continue the process described above until you perceive a warm tingling in the perineum. After you succeeded in setting this energy into motion, you may begin to imagine your spine as a straw through which you absorb the energy from the testicles and direct it to the crown of the head.
Tantra Magazine

Repeat this technique for 15-20 minutes daily, or until you perceive a light or tingling in the area of the head. Try to maintain the focus of the energy in the area above your crown.
5. Become aware of the new vigor you perceive in your whole organism.
Learning how to raise the sexual energy requires time, but do not become discouraged. In the beginning, you will perceive the sexual energy like a tingling sensation along your spine.
When you feel the energy accumulated in the area of the head, you will know that the technique was successful.