“To lack virility means to lack life, to lack the ability to be amazed”

First of all, as we are going to talk about the phallus, it is important to become acquainted with its exact nature. The penis is not made up of muscular tissue; it is therefore useless to try getting it bigger as if it were a muscle. Its structure should rather be compared with that of a sponge.
We could talk about methods for making your penis grow bigger, but first, we have to define a sort of a “standard”, for everyone to know where he is placed on this particular scale. The problem is that few scientific researches have been made in this field and the rare books published on this theme haven’t reached an agreement on their results. In his book “Clinical Sexology”, the Englishman Trimmer points out that, as a result of some anthropological researches, the medium length of the penis is represented by sizes between 2.8 and 4.5 inches at rest and between 4.7 and 8.3 inches in erection. Regarding its circumference, the medium size is between 3.3 and 4.1 inches at rest and between 3.3 and 4.7 inches in erection.
Wardel Pomeroy, a famous sexologist stated that during his long activity he had seen different kinds of penis’, having different shapes and whose length was between two extremes: the biggest penis was 9.85 inches long in erection and the smallest was only 0.98 inches long.

The main Eastern treaties on sexology – Kama Sutra and Ananga Ranga, also offer a classification of men regarding the size of their phallus, in the poetical Indian style:
1. The stallion man: 7 – 10 inches in erection
2. The bull man: 6 – 7 inches in erection
3. The rabbit man: 5 – 6 inches in erection
Taking this into consideration, it is rather difficult to define a precise “standard” and, therefore everyone has the possibility to appreciate on his own if he is satisfied or not with the size of his penis. But before drawing any conclusion, hear the opinion of your lover.
Don’t forget that for your lover, the way you use your penis matters almost as much as its size.

Those who studied this matter could discuss the existence of many kinds of techniques for increasing the dimensions of your penis:

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Penis enlargement is a universal male desire. That is why we find methods for increasing the penis size in different civilizations without taking into consideration the epoch, race or evolution of civilization. Elongation techniques allow a considerable increase in the length of the phallus, but they don’t influence the diameter of penis. On the other hand, from the point of view of the quality of sexual intercourse, it has been proved that it is not the length that matters the most, but the diameter. A penis with a big diameter in action will provide a larger surface of contact with the walls of the vagina and it is this contact that determines the intensity of the sensations felt by the woman during lovemaking.

Contrary to the techniques for increasing penis length (elongation techniques), techniques for toning up your penis don’t aim at an extraordinary increase of the penis’ length. The aim of these methods, if we take into account the confession of those who practiced them for a long time, is to make your penis very strong. The results appear less quickly than in the case of the previous methods, but they have the advantage of increasing the penis size both in length and diameter, the increase takes place in harmony with the size.
No negative influences have been reported regarding the quality of the erection as a result of these techniques. From the reports of those who practiced them the following conclusion could be drawn: those who practiced these kinds of techniques could naturally get a firm, ascending position of the penis in erection, while the elongation techniques end up causing an erection of a descending type if they are used excessively.

As a result of researches made across the whole world are efficient methods using the power of plants have been discovered, taking into account their aphrodisiac and vessel-dilating qualities. Treatments that are followed perseveringly and complimented by techniques (which are presented in our site) can surely lead you to obtain the expected results.