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At first glance, it may seem unusual that the control of sexual energy is helped by the cultivation of sexual receptivity and sensibility.
However, the systematic practice of Tantric and Taoist masters indicates that becoming aware of the finest and most refined erotic sensations means having control over those sensations and over the sexual energy that creates them.
Throughout the following, you will learn how to increase your erotic sensitivity, and the easiest way to accomplish that is through self-stimulation, without ejaculating of course.
Unfortunately, most Westerners are not properly educated about sexuality and sexual energy. Sex is not considered a natural part of their being. The first time they touched their intimate parts, their parents most likely told them to get their hands out of their pants.
Although this did not stop them from locking the bathroom or bedroom door they started to feel guilt and shame about masturbation.
Nonetheless, the Taoist masters considered masturbation (which they called solo cultivation or genital exercise) an essential method for increasing control over sexual energy and making it circulate through the whole body in order to revitalize it.

Remember: everything here related to masturbation or solo cultivation does not imply ejaculation!!!

According to Tao, play is one of the best ways of learning about anything, and the “play with one’s own body” is an excellent method for fortifying one’s genitalia and amplifying one’s sexual energy.

Many people get worried when they hear about “too much masturbation”, but the Taoists knew there was no problems as long as one learned how to control one’s pleasure without losing their semen.
In fact, the problem is too much ejaculation, as this exhausts the vital reserves of any man, whether it happens through intercourse or self-stimulation. Research done by Dr. Kinsey and some other studies have indicated why most men masturbate the way they do.
The interdiction or discouragement of this natural aspect of sexuality transforms people into sexual thieves, forcing them to steal their own pleasure. Furthermore, it is quite likely that most men reach ejaculation in a very short time precisely because they grew up trying not to be caught while masturbating.
However, one important issue is that since all young men do this, they should do it slowly, and for long periods, so that they will be capable of making love a lot more when they become sexually active.
Taoist and Tantric teachings sustain that young boys should learn how to please themselves without ejaculating. Teenagers who masturbate and ejaculate too much will soon discover that their energy and motivation for other activities will decrease considerably.

Tantra Magazine

If you choose erotic magazines or movies in order to become aroused, change your focus from external stimuli to physical sensations. The reason is that erotic materials may also distract your attention from what you feel.
Therefore, it is important to remember that your purpose is not to ejaculate, but to feel different degrees of intensity in erotic pleasure. This practice implies a turn towards the interior, an experience of your own pleasure, not experiencing someone’s idea of pleasure.
It is also important that you stimulate the penis on its entire length. Most men focus their stimulation on the head of the penis, which is the most sensitive part. This is important because according to Chinese medicine, different parts of the penis’s body correspond to different organs.
Therefore, you should stimulate the whole body of the penis, from base to head.