It is simply described as making love “without emitting semen”, or by the
recommendation that one should hold, contain, stop, or stabilize one’s semen, or by speaking
about sex as being endless.
Because there is no accidental male sexual release in sexual continence, erotic fusion between
lovers is not forced to end. Therefore, this type of lovemaking provides a sexual
context that is not hurried and allows lovers to become immersed in the endless moment of the present, while their
bodies spontaneously move together as one.

Tantra Magazine


Of course you will say: ” OK, I understand what SEXUAL CONTINENCE means, but why should I do this?
What does it offer me? “. Here is the answer. Lovers ascend to an altered state of consciousness
during “endless” magical sex, not because of the generated friction, tension, or
electricity, but because they learn to discover the other side of lovemaking – ecstasy.
Therefore, mystical sexual continence does not primarily refer to a particular sexual duration,
but to the state of mind during sex, an attitude in which you learn to live only in the present
without worrying about anything else. Sexual feelings come out spontaneously and carry lovers
along in the effortless flow of whatever is happening. On the other hand, mental
absorption and spontaneity become irrelevant if sex has already ended “prematurely”. And it is
impossible to be mentally absorbed in the present if one is chronically worried that lovemaking
will come to an abrupt end. Sexual continence, is the background of mystical sex within
which one can learn to let go of one’s covert self-talk commentary
and catch on to one’s ability to make love spontaneously, freely, and naturally.
One more thing: a common characteristic of human beings is the search for happiness. To experience ecstasy is a
profound desire in all our hearts. SEXUAL CONTINENCE is a way to fulfill this desire.


First of all you have to understand that the whole process of lovemaking, up to the very moment of
emission is voluntary, entirely under the control of the mind, and can be stopped at any point.
Now you can start to make love, but remember these rules:

1.SLOW MOTION. Do whatever you want (foreplay, intercourse) but in slow motion. Kiss in slow
motion, touch in slow motion, thrust in slow motion, approach the whole experience so very
gradually that you don’t even begin to get close to the end.

2.SLOW BREATHING. Do whatever you want but breathe in slow motion. If you lose breathing control
you can be sure that you will lose sexual control as well. So, when you notice yourself breathing fast you have to
slow down, breathe easily, relax and wait until you calm down.

3.THREE SHALLOW AND ONE DEEP THRUST. Do whatever you want but practice three shallow and one deep
thrust and carry out the thrusts eighty one times as a set. If you feel that you have become too
excited you should stop the thrusting motion immediately and wait until you calm down then resume

4.CONCENTRATION. Do whatever you want but keep your attention awake. Focus your attention on the
erotic sensation and when you feel that you are getting close to the pre-orgasmic level, stop the thrusting motion
immediately and focus your attention on the area of your heart.