Medical studies have discovered that any psycho-mental tension, any sexual repression or inhibition is “translated” by the organism through an involuntary contraction or muscular tension at the level of the genital system.
The relaxation and control of the muscles belonging to the inferior abdomen and to the genital area balances a human being’s psyche because it is a psychosomatic feedback mechanism.
The erotic art of Taoism consists mainly of the harmonious alternation and perfect control of contractions and relaxations.
These simple Eastern techniques open a new, fascinating world of possibilities and satisfactions on many levels for the daring, sincere and lucid practitioners.
A very simple but extremely efficient method to hold the semen inside your body during sexual intercourse is Ashwini Mudra (the gesture of the horse).
You need to contract the anal sphincters for long periods of time especially while not making love. Any human being has an external anal sphincter, which is consciously controlled by an inner one. This inner anal sphincter is under an inner and involuntary control but this control will become conscious through practice.
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The effects are increased vitality, an easier time transmuting and sublimating sexual energy and better self-control as your awareness is increased.
In the beginning the contractions should be repeated rhythmically in series of 30 repetitions. Then this number may be increased so that you may gradually get to hold the contraction of the anal sphincter throughout all your daily activities.

Use your right index in order to press a vital spot (marma) placed on yoni nadi, which is situated beyond the testicles, but before the anus. It corresponds to the origin of an energetic meridian which in Chinese acupuncture is called the “conception vessel”.
This pressure blocks the canal that takes the sperm to the penis just like when you step on a hose to stop the water from running (for more information read the article). This is a very efficient contraceptive method. Western medicine called this control method Coitus Obstructus.

Another method is “the squeezing”. In order to hold the semen, the man should strongly squeeze his phallus when he feels he is about to ejaculate.
This method that prolongs sexual intercourse has been practiced in the Eastern traditions from Japan, India, China, since ancient times. American sexologists William Masters and Virginia Johnson have recently rediscovered it. They successfully treated many premature ejaculation cases using this method.
More information about the anatomy of the penis will make you understand how to generate more intense and longer lasting erotic sensations that will also be completely controlled.
The penis is the main masculine erogenous zone. Naturally, it is very sensitive to touches and caresses. It also has its own secrets which some of the more receptive among us have already discovered.

Fine vibrations applied to the gland, a slight pinch of the urinary orifice, the touch of the area between anus and genitals, a delicate massage of the testicles, are just some of the secrets practiced in the Eastern art of lovemaking.

The Japanese used them for pleasure and for curing and defusing emotional tensions through presopuncture, reflexology, and squeezing.

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