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Sexual energy is one of the most powerful types of bio electric energy. The Easterns understand the so-called “excitement” in Western terminology in terms of accumulating sexual energy.

The practice of sexual continence is based on the cultivation of this energy and how you use it for your spiritual evolution.

You have to learn how to make the sexual energy (located in the area of your genitalia) circulate in your entire body, so that you have multiple all-body orgasms and are able to experience the famous erotic ecstasy.

According to Taoist tradition, all our organs offer the best part of their energy during orgasm, in order to create a new life. This is the power used to give life to a baby.

However, the Taoist and Tantric masters consider that if the aim is not procreation, it is best to preserve this energy and sublimate it into refined forms of energy, which will make us leap into and experience extraordinary spiritual states.

The orgasmic energy charges every cell of our body. In order to be truly healthy and active, we need to regularly perceive this rejuvenating orgasmic energy – every day if possible.

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Once you have developed the ability to make this energy circulate through your body, you will be able to perceive this sensation through your body anytime, anywhere.

You may ask yourselves if perceiving this sexual energy will have as result a constant state of sexual arousal, and you will consequently feel the need to have intercourse all the time, like “an itching that needs to be scratched”.

Quite the opposite, men and women have sexual impulses that need to become concrete and directed in a well-established direction.

In the West, we usually try to repress these desires, but according to Tantric and Taoist traditions, such repression inevitably leads to physical and psychic unbalances.

“Cultivating” your sexual energy does not equal uncontrollable sexual urges, but a feeling of peaceful and energetic fulfillment.

A man who has had multiple orgasms by practicing sexual continence explains the difference:

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“Before I started practicing sexual continence, if I did not ejaculate for a while, my sexual drive became so strong, that I had to watch porn movies, look for one night stands, or use the services of prostitutes.

Once I would ejaculate, that need disappeared and I could not understand why I spent so much time and so much money seeking its satisfaction. I would tell myself that I would not make the same mistake, but I knew that after a while the sexual pressure would return and I would start all over again.

When I finally began to practice sexual continence, I realized that my sexual energy was still at its peak, but somehow balanced. It was the first time in my life when I was happy to be a man, because this time I was in control of my sexual energy.”

The more you practice sexual continence, the more you will realize that it is possible for you to have more control of your sexual energy than before, and you will have to learn how to properly direct this huge energy upwards.

The Hatha Yoga asana-s and other techniques for meditation will help you transform your sexual energy into loving, volitional, mental and spiritual energy.

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There is a Tantric saying that goes something like this: “the mind goes into a certain direction and the energy follows it”. The energy tends to accumulate in the place where you focus your mind.

Experiments in the field of biofeedback have proved that focusing your attention on one part of the body may determine an intensification of the nervous and muscular activity in that particular area.

The more intense the mental concentration, the more ample the flow of energy. Remember that you must not push or draw the energy, but simply focus your mind on another part.

A complete understanding of this fact is essential for an efficient and effective practice of it. However, for good control of your sexual energy, you cannot simply commute your attention along your skin.

If you focus upon a certain area of your body, you will perceive a palpable/concrete flow of warm energy, tingling in that particular area.