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The purification process has the following benefits, among other things:
1. Brings hormonal activity back to normal, eliminating disturbing factors, both internal and external.

2. Getting rid of perverted ideas regarding sexuality and the privileged position of the man in relation to the woman.

3. Restores a healthy sexual appetite, and cleans the subconscious of bizarre habits and programs, which most often lead a person to perversions, exhaustion, sadism and other strange and unhealthy behavior.

4. All perverted, disturbing thoughts and ideas are gradually replaced with new, beneficialial, and harmonious ones.

The most effective and easy methods of purification are:
1. A diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables and/or whole cereals.

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2. Use depurative plants such as elder tree flowers, and laxatives such as the castor-oil plant.

3. Vamana Dhauti – make sure you check the counter indications.

4. Mental focus – see Shambhavi Mudra .

This implies a much greater and improved capacity of sublimating and transmuting energy. In order for a man to transmute and sublimate his potential sexual energy he must first activate all his will-power and mental control.

Some things that will greatly help in this direction are:
1. The physical poses (asanas): Uddyiana Bandha , Sarvangasana , Halasana , Sirshasana, Chakrasana , Trikonasana , Nabhiasana, Brahmachariasana.

2. The saturation of the subconscious with beneficialial suggestions.

3. Fasting – enhances will power and helps activate the inner fire.

4. The creative visualization of energy ascending through the spine.

5. Mental focus.

6. Cromotherapy, or color therapy. We recommend yellow, violet, and bright white.

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7. Plants that help sublimate energy: Medicago sativa, cardamom, salvia, basil, cloves, etc.

8. Laughter.

9.The increase of Yang energy because it facilitates the control of erotic energies.




This is mainly done through:

  • Yang alimentation
  • The use of solar colors (which we already mentioned)
  • Sun-bathing
  • Asanas
  • Mental focus

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