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Harmony in a couple depends much on the type of communication between the two lovers, on the way the two can express what they think or feel. Discover your own ability by answering the questions from the following test.

1. Where do you prefer to celebrate your anniversary?
a. watching a movie at the cinema;
b. at a dancing club;
c. at the restaurant.

2. How do you react when your lover reproaches you for something in the presence of other persons?
a. you get nervous and refuse to talk to her/him for a while;
b. you are still calm; in fact, nothing serious has happened;
c. you ask her/him afterwards why she/he behaved like that.

3. Do you want to get rid of some base feelings like jealousy, hatred, envy?
a. yes;
b. no;
c. sometimes.

4. What do you usually talk about with your lover?
a. about politics or sports;
b. about financial and professional problems;
c. about personal and emotional problems.

5. You prefer your lover behave in your company as:
a. a calm, pacific person;
b. an affable person;
c. a practical and dynamic person.

6. The most evident affection proves that you can receive are:
a. tender and affectionate gestures;
b. passionate statements;
c. gifts.

7. When you want to ask something from your lover, you are:
a. insistent;
b. discreet and tactful;
c. indirect, allusive.

8. Do you try to hide your failures and flaws, avoiding to accept them?
a. yes;
b. no;
c. depends on the circumstance.

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9. When you buy clothes:
a. you are not interested in anybody else’s opinion but yours;
b. you defer to others’ opinion;
c. you take into consideration the indications of the salesman.

10. When you have arguments with your lover:
a. you try by all means to calm down the situation and only after that to start to talk;
b. you state your opinion clearly and then wait for things to calm down;
c. you just listen to what you are told without giving any reply.

Count your points as indicated below:

No. a b c

1 1 2 3
2 2 1 3
3 3 1 2
4 1 2 3
5 3 2 1
6 2 3 1
7 1 2 3
8 1 3 2
9 1 3 2
10 3 2 1


Less than 15 points:
You are a self contained person who rather hide feelings than show them. Think of the idea that in a couple a physical attraction is not enough. You have to be sincere and understanding one to the other.

In fact, a veritable relationship, full of love and happiness, can be built only on a total and sincere opening of one to the other.

Be very spontaneous, as this is a quality that you lack. It can be useful for you to watch movies that show the spontaneity, courage, inner freedom and to think about yourself having these qualities.

Between 16 and 20 points:
You have a very instable attitude and most of the time communication with you is very difficult. Generally, this is the attitude that women have in their intimate relations.

They are always moody, either because they do not know what they want from life or from their lovers, either because they know what they want but they do not know to ask it or how to behave in order to fulfil their dreams. Such an attitude can be very tiring and capricious, if often met. You should be more understanding to the other one and less egoistic.

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Between 21 and 25 points:
Communication with you is generally good but you have the excessive tendency to let your emotions be controlled by your mind.

Be more spontaneous in your reactions and direct them towards beneficialial attitudes for yourself and the couple. Stop thinking mathematically; feelings and love are beyond mathematical reasons.

When someone loves truly and opens his/her soul towards the other one, many obstacles and flaws of our personality can be overcome. To communicate your feelings, the way you perceive the other one can help not only the relation itself but also both of you to know each other better and to get closer one to the other.

Between 26 and 30 points:
You like to communicate with the other one and to share your own experiences. Do not forget that “to communicate” means in the same time “to listen” and “to relate”.

You tend to be extreme: either you like to listen to yourself talking, either you are keen for your lover to tell you how beautiful you are, how much she/he loves you, what a good match you are. Put more heart in what you say or live: the most painful thing are the empty words about love. And this aspect is perceivable.