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Sifting and rolling are two techniques highly used for their sedating effect. They are applied after more powerful techniques, alternating the exciting maneuvers with relaxing ones.

In the calming massage techniques, they can be done after the softening or friction. These techniques address mainly the muscular masses.


Hold the flesh with the slightly bent fingers and move laterally and from down upwards through alternative lifting and pressures resembling the sifting with a sieve.

This technique requires an alert rhythm, according to the necessities. Thus, one can do vibrations on limited or wide portions of the body, for a short, medium or long time.

The effects are manifested though mechanical and reflex action. If your lover manages to diminish the muscular and nervous tension, these maneuvers have relaxing and decongestive actions on the muscular masses.

They are applied to stressed people or to people who have been very solicited lately. They contribute to the recovery of the organism and to its rejuvenation.


We can have:

  • Simple pressures
  • Pressure associated with respiratory movements
  • Vibrant pressures

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Although these are ancient techniques they are effectively used in the modern erotic massage. The pressures are characteristic to the back and are done as follows: place the hands next to the vertebras and press this areas firmly, without exaggerating.

We can also help this pressure by adding the weight of our body to it. As independent techniques, the pressures are modified according to the width and sensitivity of the areas they are applied to.

Pressures associated with respiratory movements: these are characteristic to the back. They are done as follows: apply the hands near the vertebras, with the fingers spread on the line of the intercostals.

Inhale and move the hands towards the laterals, performing their passive lifting. Exhale and bring the hands in the initial position and press rhythmically. Do this in the rhythm of the breath frequency, 16-18 breaths per minute.

The vibrating pressures are done:

  • With the palmar face of the hand
  • With the cubital part
  • With the fist
  • With a finger

They have a relaxing effect due to the vibrations. The linear pressure in one point named needles acupuncture represents a method of treatment with ancient origins, actualized during our times, when paradoxically and despite the modern science discoveries more and more people give up the services of medication, replacing them with naturist remedies.

The acupressure has the advantage that it can be practiced anywhere and by anyone, the treatment is occasionally in emergency cases, or on long term.

The action is applied to a nerve (at its root, at its tract or at its main branches), on the insertion of a tendon or of a muscle, around a joint or along a vena.

These pressures can be applied with a more or less intensity, in a shorter period of time, clockwise or counter-clockwise, according to the goals.

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Pressure applied to the skin is followed by a sensation lasting for a while but which diminishes gradually and disappeares in a few minutes.

A powerful pressure on the skin can cause an initial, light, temporary ischaemia (owing to the decrease of the blood flow towards the massaged area), then a local plethora (externalized through skinblush), a great reduction of sensibility up to anaesthesia, the reduction of the local and secundary muscular tonus, the relaxation of the muscles and the reduction of tireness untill it is totally removed.

The affections that benefit from the therapeutic effects of the pressures are: tendinitis and fasciculitis.