After her glorious “death”, Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love, leaves us an invaluable legacy –

Aphrodisiacs are any substance or activity, which stimulates sexual desire and pleasure.You are probably aware that apples, bananas, carrots and celery are aphrodisiacs so I’m going to elaborate on that fact now.

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The apple is the ultimate symbol of our own sexuality because Adam was tempted by Eve with an apple.
There is an ancient folk saying that if you cut an apple from top to bottom the temptation which Eve offered to Adam will be revealed
to you. Carry out the experiment and you will realize that
you are looking at the shape of a vulva. Apples and cider possess rejuvenating and aphrodisiac qualities.

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Magic use of the apples: Apples weren’t only used as food in Europe around the Middle Ages. They were used in magic rituals of love. I will tell you about one of these:
If a woman loves a man who doesn’t respond to her advances, she has to sleep with a beautiful apple
under her arm “or in some other private place”. In the morning she has to persuade the man to eat it.
A short time afterwards she will become the “apple of his eye”, so to speak.

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The erotic reputation of the banana comes from its unmistakable shape, even though its excellent
nutritional qualities help to increase the sexual appetite.
Bananas were delighting the European palate and imagination as early as the sixteenth century.

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Magic use of bananas: Bananas, like apples could be used in love magic.
If a woman loves a man who doesn’t respond to her advances, she has to perform the next ritual:
One night, two days before full moon she must have an aphrodisiac bath, cleaning herself up, including all her private parts, very well. Then she has to create an erotic atmosphere in her room (using candles, flowers,
and sensuous music). After this she has to lie back in bed and imagine that she is making love
to the man she loves. When she feels that she is very excited and her vagina is expanded she
has to take a peeled banana and introduce it into the vagina. Then she has to imagine that it is the penis of her beloved man. After 15 minutes she has to pull out the banana and make
a cream from it and another two bananas. In the morning she has to persuade the man to eat the
cream. A
short time afterwards he will fall in love with her.