The things one could do with the mouth and lips were quite taboos until no so very long ago, mainly in the sexual area.

We are of course referring to genital kissed, which (we wonder why) were in the top of the most popular pretexts for divorce on ground of perversity and so on.

We still have to admit that our Western society has come a long way since those days, as today we have textbooks and movies with such issues.

Fortunately, the Eastern traditions taught that there is no shame and nothing to be afraid of in genital kissing.

The subject is huge and there are a great number of aspects to consider, but today we will discuss some of them only.

We will focus mainly on mutuality and reciprocity, versus individual treats. We will show the drawbacks and advantages of each.

Of course that the position most marriage manuals stress is the famous soixante-neuf. This is a very good position if you and your lover intend to experiment with intimate kissing.

Nonetheless, there are some aspects that need to be discussed. First of all, you need to realize that if you want to give your lover the best of you, full attention and care are essential.

And you cannot give your lover these if you are concerned with your intensifying sensations as well, at the same time.

For instance, the woman in the moment of her orgasm cannot control herself and she may even bite the man, or, nonetheless unwanted accidents may occur.

Another drawback may be the fact that in the soixante-neuf the woman is turned the wrong way around to give the man her tongue on his most sensitive part of the glans.

This may be the reason and the explanation of the twisted positions in some Hindu temple statues when expressing genital kissing. The erotic experiences tell us that indeed, genital kisses are wonderful, but if you want to orgasm in this manner, you’d better take turns.

Who goes first is clearly a matter of preference, as there are no rules and no obligations. But before hurrying, take also these into consideration: the man may give the woman several preliminary orgasms if he chooses to be active first, and she will still want him even more, and the man saves himself for later on.

However, this is a choice depending on the man, mostly. If he don’t pratice sexual continence and therefore he can’t take more than several kisses before ejaculating, it is probably preferably to postpone this moment for a later time.

As you know these kisses are the best way for “waking up the dead”. Another reason is that as you all know, the woman “warms up” a little slower than the man and such treatment would certainly make her ready and eager.

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