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The translation for Halasana is “The Plough Posture”.
Metaphorically, Halasana represents for the yoghis the plough that purifies the mental level of their being.

Halasana is one of the major postures that imply a flexion of the spine towards the front.
Its practice determines the activation of Ajna chakra, also called “the third eye”. The practice of this asana stimulates the mental potential, as you will see in the following lines.

Lie back on the floor, trying to relax the neck and place it on the floor, as much as possible.
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Lift your feet just like you used to practice Sarvangasana, the slowly put the feet on the floor, behind your head. In a preliminary phase, you may even use your hands to help you in this effort.
For people with a rigid spine, we recommend first some exercises in order to make it more elastic. So, simply lower and lift your feet a couple of times, in a slow pace.
At the end of this dynamic phase, do not move. Now, only the cervical region is on the floor. The hands are spread on the floor, face up.
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In the beginning, the practice of this asana may last only a few seconds, but in time you will manage to perform it for a longer duration.
Most important than the duration is the immobility in this asana. So, regardless of performing it for 20 seconds or 20 minutes, it is more important to be motionless in this asana.
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Breathe normally.
Relax and maintain a neutral state of mind.
The suppleness of the spine occurs more easily if you allow the weight of your feet to press the spine.
In the end of this asana, come back gradually and slowly, rolling the spine and keeping your head on the ground.

Do not force your body.
Avoid any sudden movement of the spine, because it may have negative effects on it.
Make sure your knees are straight, especially in the immobile phase of this asana. Also relax your shoulders, jaw and neck.
If you experience pain in the back, owing to overdoing this asana or to hurry, perform Dandasana (which will be described in a further article, in this section) as a very effective pain-remedy.

During the practice of this asana, try to perceive the telluric energy energizing your feet, then through the spine, up to Ajna chakra.
When coming out of this asana, perceive the activation of Ajna chakra, fine vibrations in the forehead. The practice of this asana confers to you mental force, higher intelligence, greater mental focus, and also greater insight.

You are a menstruating woman.
You have any form of hernia.
You suffer from arterial hypertension (may practice only a variant of this asana, without placing the feet on the floor, but on a chair).

This asana acts directly on the spine, which regains its health, strength and elasticity.
Prevents the vertebras from premature ossification.
Cures different forms of mialgia, lumbago, neuralgia, and dislocations.
It beneficialially influences the whole vegetative life through its influence on the sympathetic ganglions.
It regenerates and revitalizes owing to the resonance with the telluric energies.
If tired, perform it at night for 2-3 minutes and you will see the magic effects for yourselves!
The muscles in the back are strained/contracted, relaxed and then stretched, which brings an additional quantity of blood in the trunk.
The dynamic phase of Halasana strengthens the abdominal muscles, and also the thighs.
During the actual practice, the thyroid is pressed and thus it also benefits of an enhanced blood flow. By regularizing the thyroidal function, the metabolism is controlled and thus you may control your weight.
Because of the reversed position, the head benefits of an enhanced blood flow. It is even possible that the areas without hair get it back.
Your face will be brighter, owing to the same enhanced blood flow oriented towards it.
The position of the body in the final phase of this asana ensures the massage of the kidney, spleen, and pancreas, which results in their decongestion and stimulation.
Pelvic pain due to uterus mobility is relieved through the practice of Halasana, which also eliminates the unpleasant bodily odors, makes the waist thinner and eliminates obesity.

The constant practice of this asana, doubled by a proper mental focus during its practice may decrease the insulin levels in your organism, in certain cases it is possible even their coming back to normal.