The Taoists discovered a lot of mysteries about sexual intercourse in their desire to decipher the mystery about out vital energy. Thousands of years had to pass before everything they knew about sex was rediscovered by modern doctors and psychiatrists (see the book of Mantak Chia – “Taoist LOVE Secrets” Divia Publishing House).

Taoists asked men to practice COITUS REZERVATUS (to delay ejaculation as much as possible and even to avoid it) not only to prolong the pleasures of intercourse but also to make it easy for their lovers to have an orgasm.

In the famous dialogue between the Chinese Emperor Honang II and his protge Sou-Nu, there are 5 signs, 5 wishes and 10 commandments that help a man feel when a woman has orgasm:


1. The woman’s face becomes red and her ears are warm. This shows that her mind is enchanted with the idea of sexual intercourse. The man can start the sexual act gently and he should penetrate her a little as if just playing, anticipating her reactions.

2. Her nose gets wet from perspiration and her nipples harden firmly. This shows that the fire of her desire became more intense. Now the penis can be introduced at a depth of about five fingers width, but not more. Men should wait for her desire to become more intense before going in further.
3. When her voice sounds different as if her throat is dry, then her desire has grown a lot in intensity. She keeps her eyes closed and the man can hear her breathing deeply. This moment signals that the penis can move freely into the vagina. The profound union between the two is approaching erotic ecstasy.
4. The vagina becomes very slippery and hot when the fire of her desire approaches its peak; during every one of his moves she shudders with overwhelming pleasure.
5. When her legs move spontaneously so as to embrace him her desire has reached its peak. Now she will put her legs and her arms around him in a passionate embrace. These signs indicate that the man can try to penetrate her as deep as possible, feeling her body with complete satisfaction that this is the result of the amazing intensity of erotic ecstasy.

1. The woman embraces him strongly feeling like her insides just came to life. She kisses him trying to excite him as much as possible. Thus she lets him see just how intense her desire is.
2. She is laying down with her arms and legs in an almost fixed position. She is breathing loudly through her nostrils, abandoning herself to the erotic experience. Thus she shows him that she wants him inside her.
3. She plays with his penis, even if it is asleep, touching it with her body. Thus she shows her desire of having him excited again.
4. Her eyes sort of stare and her eyebrows move fast; she sounds guttural or caresses him ecstatically. Thus she shows how excited she is.
5. She spreads her legs and opens up her vagina as wide as she can. Thus she shows him that her pleasure is extreme and she asks him to penetrate her even deeper.
6. Her tongue comes out of her mouth and she caresses her lips with it. It signifies that she wants superficial penetrations alternating with the deeper ones.
7. Using her legs and contracting her vagina muscles she tries to keep him within her, at the same time whispering words of admiration, in a hushed voice. Thus she shows him that the force of her YIN energy became a lot stronger inside her.
8. The woman twists her waist. She is sweating a lot now and a cute smile appears on her face. It shows that her erotic energy is great and that she doesn’t want him to stop, she wants the erotic game to continue in order to bring her as much pleasure as possible.
9. The sweet feeling of lust is still there and her pleasure is intensifying. The force of her YIN energy is almost at its peak. She embraces him strongly. It lets him know that she hasn’t had her orgasm yet, but that she is overwhelmed with pleasure and close to it.
10. All of her body is hot and wet. Her legs and arms loosen up. She is completely satisfied because she reached the peak of erotic pleasure and sensual bliss.