Every man wants to increase his virility and have more control over his erection. However, it is important to
understand that no one can obtain these abilities without systematic efforts.
It is also important to realize that an erection should be obtained and maintained at will. Most young
men get an erection at the slightest thought of sex. Later on in life that ease of having an erection is
lost. Instead one must remember how to do it and exercise their erecting muscles.


This basic and extremely simple exercise has to be done early in the morning, immediately after washing.
1. Stand in an erect position and just by willing it try to get an erection. If at first you cannot obtain the erection by willing it, help by gently massaging your penis. If your
girlfriend is with you, she may help you with that.

2. Take a hand towel (approximately 120-gram) and put it on your penis. Your erection has to be firm
enough to support the hand towel. Focus so that you manage to keep this erection for as long as possible.

3. Relax the erection; this can often be achieved by bathing the penis in cold water.

4. Re-acquire the erection. Each new erection must be sufficiently strong to hold a hand towel.

5. Eight erections are usually performed for a complete exercise cycle.

BE CAREFUL: When you first attempt this exercise it can be done with relative ease, but it
becomes more difficult as the level of interest falls with passing time. Therefore, you should
remember that you will improve and extend your sexual life
over a period of many years through this simple exercise.

G O O D    L U C K!