“To be without virility means to be lifeless, it means to lack the ability to wander.”


Here is a Taoist technique for increasing male virility:

Breathe in through your nose and lead the air and energy to your stomach. Do not stop it in your chest. Imagine the air as a balloon and then roll it down to the anterior part of your body, to the abdominal muscles. When the air reaches the inferior part of the body, take it to your penis.

While taking the air to your penis, press the HUI-YIN region with the three middle fingers of your left hand. It is situated half way between the anus and scrotum. This pressure makes it impossible for energy to get back to your body and so it accumulates in your penis.

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Breathe normally whilst keeping your left-hand fingers on the HUI-YIN point. At the same time, start to massage your penis. Move it back and forth, stretching it 36 times in a slow and rhythmical motion. Use your thumb to massage the penis glands. This will lead to an erection. If you do not succeed then keep on massaging the glands of penis until you get an erection.

Next rotate the penis with your right hand as much as possible, starting at the base and moving up 2cm at a time. Energy of air will accumulate in the penis and will be drawn to the glands. Feel the pressure moving to the top; maintain this state without forcing it too much.

Elongate the penis outwardly by rotating it 36 times clock-wise first to the right and then to the left and rotate it 36 times both ways, all the time maintaining the air pressure.

Finally move the erect penis slightly inward and to the left 36 times.
After performing these exercises bathe your penis in warm water for a minute. This will help to absorb and dilate the Yang energies. The exercise completes the massage of the limb and you will see a change in 5 – 6 months of daily practice.


  • This exercise massages the whole urino-genital system, including the penis, the prostate, the veins, arteries and surrounding nerves
  • The bladder and even the kidneys are stimulated; a lot of energy goes through the penis and thus its function is improved.