When we talk about penis size we can’t forget the possibilities of giving pleasure to that which all men worship, Women. Besides the fact that when in the presence of other men no man likes to expose his small virile limb, it is very important for him to know that he can sexually satisfy his lover.
There are exceptional men whose penis’ size can reach and even go beyond 40 cm when in erection.

The case of the outlaw Terente who lived in the Danube Delta became a legend. His virile limb is kept at a Medical Institute, permanently giving the nurses something to dream about. Yet they are unusual cases or men who used techniques for enlarging their penises too much, most of the time because of their so-called manly ego. After satisfying the ego, many real problems appear during intercourse (i.e. he can be happy only when he finds a woman “his size”). First of all he should act cautiously so as not to traumatize his girlfriend, to show less control can lead to less pleasure. Furthermore, after too much penis enlargement it is impossible to get an “upward” erection. A very large penis becomes too heavy for the pubic muscles to erect and thus it remains in a descendant position. This may be embarrassing for a man.

Finally the impossibility of approaching certain positions during intercourse because of incompatibility, limits the couple to a small number of erotic positions (for example, the position where the woman is on top becomes very difficult when the man has an oversized penis). So, be careful!
The techniques used to enhance the size of your penis that are described here should be carefully studied and used. It is only natural for a man to wish for his penis size to be large, especially if it is small. But it is also dangerous if taken to an extreme. So not too small, but not too big either.

In Australia men use an interesting and useful technique. This method involves making the penis longer by using several rings. This procedure, traditionally called “the Ostrich’s neck”, is correspondent to the strange custom of the “Giraffe Women” from Africa. You have probably already seen pictures of tribe women who stretch their necks by putting large rings one on top of another around their necks, which they carry with them their whole life. It is their custom that if the woman is caught cheating by her husband he has the right to take the rings off. Thus she would have to keep her neck down until the muscles become strong enough to keep it up.

Their necks can reach an unbelievable length. The longer the neck, the greater respect and admiration she will receive.

Australians, although far away used the rings to lengthen not their necks, but, as proof of their efficiency, their virile limbs.
The origins of this technique go far back in time but were transmitted from generation to generation, from father to son, in a tribe from Southern Australia, because of a simple motif: there were special, very precise rituals, that took place at the wedding ceremony, where the most important factor was the mans penis size. The one with the largest penis had the right to choose the most beautiful and fertile woman of the tribe. It seems like they considered the Law of Natural Right as sacred.

These tribesmen were a lot more practical than many men nowadays who do nothing but complain about the small size of their masculinity and do not take any intelligent decisions to change it. The men of this tribe invented a very efficient but rather uncomfortable method with unbelievable results: the most impressive penises in the world, reaching 50-60 cm. These men used to fix their penises by putting a belt around their waist when going hunting. A permanent contest existed between men which was the criterion for electing the ruler of the tribe this criterion was the size of their penis.

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Here is the procedure: some special rings are inserted around the penis in rest so that they can include its whole surface. In time the penis loosens up and it gets longer because of the great number of rings and because of the weight that force it to enlarge. As the penis gets longer, new rings are inserted until it reaches the wanted size.
The rings can be made of metal or plastic and have an adjustable circumference. What is difficult is that you have to get used to wearing them as long as possible. The good part is that wearing them makes the surface of your penis more sensitive. It will give complete satisfaction not only to your lover but also to yourself. You will feel more intensely every little thing. It can also give you a greater control over the ejaculation.

Obviously, don’t forget to take them off before penetrating your lover because otherwise her reaction would be one of shock.