In this article we are going to present a modern method for penis enlargement. Even if this method
makes use of the most modern resources in technology, it’s basic principle originates in ancient methods from Asia and

The device for penis enlargement is named “Vacuum Developer” and it is in fact a sucking pump.

The flaccid penis is introduced in a tube. This enclosed space will become tight by
using an elastic rubber socket at the entrance. Then the air within the tube will be pumped out by means of a
sucking pump. The vacuum from inside will increase the volume of the penis. In this way the
man will get a strong erection in a only a few minutes.

The penis is made up of spongy and cavernous tissues which has the capacity of increasing its dimensions because
it is an extendible tissue. This augmentation can not be obtained if the man doesn’t use this device

1. Buy a “Vacuum developer” from a sex shop or make your own device.

2. Make a commitment with yourself that you will practice this method daily for at least 6 months. (This
is absolutely necessary to attain the desired results regarding penis enlargement).
3. Follow these steps every day:

   a. Apply a high quality cream on your flaccid penis. The cream should be one that helps to elongate tissues.
   b. Massage the penis till the cream enters in the skin. If you get the erection
after this massage then wait till you loose the erection.
   c. Introduce the penis in the tube and be sure that the enclosed space is airtight.
   d. Pump out the air very slowly till you get an erection.
   e. Make 3 to 7 pumps to get a full strength erection. The number of additional
pumps depends on you.

   f. When the penis reaches its maximum length allow the air to enter quickly into
the tube.

   g. Wait till you get a flaccid penis. A rapid method for loosing the erection
is to introduce the penis in cold water for a few seconds.

   h. Take the penis base and stretch it gently a few times.
   i. repeat the entire process described above.
4. Practise this method for a half an hour daily.
5. Wash the tube with water and soap to make it clean for the next day.

BE CAREFUL: Before pumping, your penis has to be at normal size (normal size
corresponds to flaccid penis) otherwise this technique will be useless.

1. You can practice it without any risk.
2. The procedure is a hygienic one.

3. The toning effect on the penis operates both on penis’ length and on penis diameter.

4.It is a successful method.
5. It can be used for getting a strong erection whenever necessary.

BE CAREFUL: Do not use this method for masturbation.

In the next articles we present ancient methods for penis enlargement, but do not hesitate
to use this successful modern method.

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   M A N!