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“Many of man’s victories are won through his skill in the art of making love”

Penny Slinger

Have you ever felt embarrassed when…? Even from the beginning? Or just the moment she If you have, then we are talking about the same thing: sexual fright. And if it doesn’t apply in your case, well Who doesn’t want to be infallible?

From a medical point of view, sexual fright is just an emotional blockage, but it may also have a physical impact, leading to the difficulty or even to the impossibility of making love.

For a man, the most frequent consequence of it is the subconscious inhibition of the erection mechanisms. The psychological causes of this situation are often due to the man’s fear of not disappointing the woman.

Tantra Magazine
Usually, this situation can be resolved naturally, after a certain period of accommodation and after achieving intimacy, trust and affection. The correct attitude that the man should adopt is to give up his tendency of focusing upon himself and to try to focus his attention on his partner, giving her pleasure and joy through sensual caresses and intimate kisses.

Thus, he will completely forget about his so-called problem. However, if the inner blockage still persists, the famous “flabby penetration” (well known in the East) can be resorted to. When doing this, you shouldn’t take the initiative of penetration if your beloved’s vagina is not properly lubricated.

If it isn’t wet and the woman exhibits a strong sexual desire, an exterior natural lubricant (sun-flower oil or melted butter) should be used.

The key to this penetration technique is the man’s ability to gradually introduce his non-erect penis into the vagina, using his fingers. After doing this, he should tighten his grip firmly and constantly on base of his penis, in order to ensure that the superior part becomes rigid.

After introducing the penis into the vagina, the erection will appear naturally and the force of the grip can be reduced until no longer necessary.

During all this the man should try feel and amplify the state of abnegation and affection for the woman he loves.

Acting like this, while being open and consistent, will ensure that sexual fright becomes a thing of the past. Now, even a pessimistic man can see that between a shy guy and a Don Juan, there is but one significant difference: self-confidence.