Touching is the most specific way to express your love.
This is an invitation for you to learn new things about erotic massage. By practicing the things you will find here, you will be able to transform a simple massage into a wonderful touch of love.
This article will give you the first guidelines. Also, each day afterwards, we will bring new and unexpected insights into the fascinating universe of love and lovers.

Erotic massage given by one lover to the other is a dance of love and also a dance of energies. It is the language of lovers. During the massage either one or both of you might feel erotic, or you might fall asleep, or you might burst out in laughter, or even in tears. You might or might not have intercourse before, during or after massage. However, should orgasm become the goal, you run the risk of missing other erotic and very pleasant sensations. Allow each moment and each feeling to unfold itself. This is when a simple massage becomes like a meditation.

Massage is an art where you express yourself with sensitivity and awareness. Let your touch discover the other without demands and expectations. At first the techniques will be techniques, like learning to ride a bicycle, but after a while your touch will come to nourish the body, the soul, the mind and the spirit of your beloved. You will also find your that your lover’s body in stillness will bring pleasure to and through your hands. Let your fingertips taste the curves, the rough, the smooth, the firm, and the soft. Let yourself feel.


  • A quiet and warm place

  • Oil, lotion or a water-based lubricant
  • A towel

  • A padded table, a bed, a padded floor or a large towel on the beach

  • Gentle music

  • Feathers, a silk scarf, special massage gloves, and other such objects that may enhance erotic pleasure

There are three basic guidelines when you want to massage your lover:

1. Live in the moment by letting go of expectations, of the future and of comparisons with the past. Be here and now.

2. Whenever possible, maintain full-hand contact. Allow your palms, fingers and thumbs to outline the contours of your lover’s body.
3. Maintain a continuous flow of your movements on his/her body. Movements blend together, each one enhancing the preceding and preparing the next.


  • If your touches induce pleasure to your lover, then you are doing them correctly, regardless of theory or written instructions.

  • Vary the pressure, the tempo and the rhythm. Repeating a stroke in the exact same way each time becomes boring very quickly to both the recipient and the giver.

  • Minimize talking. An important exception is when your lover needs to communicate his or her deep feelings.

  • Become centered. You can quiet yourself by slowing your breath. By being centered. you will deeply experience your own pleasure.


As long as distractions and interruptions are minimized you can give a massage anywhere. When you give a massage outside, take precautions for insects and excessive sunlight. When you do it inside, unplug the phone and make arrangements for everyone else including children not to interrupt you.
It is very important to maintain a warm temperature. If it is necessary, use a portable heater or cover the areas of the body you are not massaging at the moment with a towel.

Explore the energies of a new moon, an equinox, a solstice, or celebrate a birthday, or an anniversary. You can do it after work or during a stressful period. Sometimes you can be spontaneous but setting aside a specific day or evening is more likely to ensure that it happens.

With what?
Basically, all you need is oil. Fragranced ones entice the mind but may sting the skin. Some prefer vegetable oils (unfragranced coconut oil is a very good choice) and others prefer mineral oils. On sensitive tissues, such us the female genitals, some consider water-based lubricants to be healthier. You can apply the oil or lubricant to your hands either from a plastic squeeze bottle, a bottle with a push pump or a bowl.

Massage tables are great for your back. Otherwise, a padded floor, a bed or the ground covered with a piece of cloth is quite suitable. Gather a large towel or two. When your lover is lying on their front he or she may need a covered foam pad or a couple of rolled towels placed under the front of the ankles. If, when lying on his/her back, they feel a strain in their lower back, place the same pad underneath their knees as well. If you anticipate using feathers or other tactile stimulators have them close at hand. Select some music, without dominating rhythms and without words. Use candle light or colored lights, incense, flowers and/or whatever creates a special atmosphere.

Everything is ready?
Once your beloved is ready to begin, give him/her the invitation to take a few full breaths and to close his/her eyes. Allow your hands to move intuitively. Now, you are ready now to open the door to inner peace, pleasure, joy, harmony and love, both for your beloved and yourself.